• Teen Pregnancy is a Parent's Nightmare

    Mom's worst nightmare-yes-teen pregnancy. For teen's who are sexually active, they should have the right to purchase birth control, considering the fact mom's would be terrified of their child under 18 making babies, and getting pregnant, it's a scary world out there, and if our teens could have access to birth control, teens could be more safe.

  • Teens will be teens

    Although I would never agree to a minor of any age to have sex, a few will still do this action whether or not we approve. There have been countless times where a minor has become pregnant, this should not be ignored. Giving them the right to access these will indeed further provoke them to do such things, and if I had to chose between minors getting pregnant or having a few more children doing such actions but safe. I think that it is safe to say that minors should have access to birth control.

  • Yes there are possibility's

    If someone does make that mistake, then at least they would have an alternative. If they got pregnant and their boyfriend left them, then the poor girl would be stuck with a baby, if she had birth control pills she would have more opportunity's and would have a better choice.

  • Yes, minors need the option of birth control

    High school kids are going to have sex whether they can find a condom or not. So, with that acknowledged, isn't it probably a good idea to make sure a form of birth control is accessible? I get the notion behind not wanting to accept our kids have grown up and not wanting them to be having sex, but when they're going to be anyway, it's stupid to make it a choice that could ruin their future being a teen parent.

  • Birth control for minors leads to unplanned pregnancy

    For a minor to have the right to choose to have sex is insane. The truth is that while it is common it is not right. This is a way for a teen to contract venereal diseases or worse. Allowing minors to have access to birth control will create a nonchalant attitude toward sex and lead to many problems.

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