• Yes

    Birth control is a much better option than unwanted babies or abortions. I hope all of you who said yes to this support Planned Parent Hood. Yes they are the ones who do the abortions but they are also the ones who give away free... hold on one more time FREE birth control to people who cant afford it or dont have insurance. If we could get more people to understand this and stop hating them for helping us that would be a wonderful thing.

  • Yes

    Using birth control methods, especially hormonal contraceptives in females, have a number of health benefits. Barrier contraceptive devices prevent individuals from receiving STDs, which can be comparable to getting a vaccine. Vaccines prevent individuals from contracting viruses and so contraceptives. Hormonal treatments can prevent females from a number of physical problems caused by menstruation.

  • Birth control must be covered by insurance

    If birth control was not covered less people would buy it and he consequence would be more ills for the insurance company. Its better to pay thirty dollars a month for birth control than thousand to deliver a baby. People would have many more unwanted pregnancies which would cause more babies needing adopted.

  • Yes, birth control should be covered by insurance.

    The only argument for this is based on religion. The same religions that once believed the earth was flat. The same religions that use physical force to convert non believers. These are the same folks that claim that God does not with for birth control to exist. Modern religions have continuously updated their stance on issues that are social, stating that it is the word of God. Yet when science disproves a claim made by the church, they reluctantly change that stance as well, while omitting as to whether or not God corrected it for them, or if the facts merely were too much to deny. Birth control should be available for anyone that chooses to use it. If a religion that condones this ends up being correct in those statements, then the females that choose to partake will be punished. If they are wrong, then we will save thousands of mothers from dangerous abortions, and assure better quality life for all new children.

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