• People are stupid

    So here is my position: birth control should not be free and people should learn to not have sex till the time is right in order not to get pregnant at a bad time, simple, right? BUT people are so so so stupid that this will never work... They will have unprotected sex without thinking about consequences because they just don't have capacity to think about that. Or in the heat of the moment pregnancy is not something that can stop them from having sex. Pretty nifty biological thing that "heat of the moment" if you ask me. And so these people, who are not able to control themselves get pregnant. Now lets say that abortion is not an option for one reason or another. This means that a child is being brought into this world. A child that no one was waiting for, nor was getting ready for. And this child, this innocent being, will have to bear the burden of his parents weakness and stupidity. Most probably he/she will be born into a low income household, because statistically speaking, that is the demographics where most unwanted pregnancies happen. And now society will be forced to take care of the mother and the child, because to be fair, no one wants to see starving and dying kids in a first world country. And bringing up a child will cost way more for us as a whole than paying for some pills. To recap, people are weak and stupid -> unwanted children and their parents suffer -> society has to pay up. Ergo, birth control should be free so that no one would have to pay for someone else's mistakes (an by "no one", more or less, I mean the child).

  • Yes it should.

    I believe it should be free to a certain extent. They hand out condoms for free you can go to a youth centre, hell even a gay nightclub and pick up condoms for nothing. If a woman doesn't want to get pregnant that is her right and she should be allowed to choose to prevent this. Everyone always says that the guy shouldn't be the only one sex ready but if birth control was free than more girls and women would be able to be on it. I think its ridiculous that it costs up to $30 maybe even more. As a 20 year old I know I am not ready for children and sometimes struggle to afford rent and all my expenses now I need to add another expense that is a basic right. It is 2016 please its time to fix this issue.

  • Birth Control should be free

    I think it should be free because not only does it help with people not get pregnant, but it also helps reduce period cramps, and it can also help regulate a girls period. Also some people don't actually get paid enough money. I feel like it should be where you have your doctor tell you which one you need and you can go pick it up. But hey, this is just my opinion

  • Needs to be free

    If you don't want the world to end because of overpopulating, birth control needs to be free. This will allow teenagers to enjoy sex, like they are supposed to, and not get pregnant will do it. AMERICA WE NEED TO MAKE BIRTH CONTROL FREE AND EASY TO ACCESS! Thank you!

  • Will Help Overpopulation and Prevent Kids In Fostercare

    Some women can't afford birth control or don't have insurance. Obviously without birth control, people are probably going to have unwanted pregnancies. If they can't afford birth control they probably won't be able to afford abortions or adoption lawyers. This will put children in probably bad living situations such as poor homes or foster care.

  • Yes it should be free

    Birth control isnt just for preventing pregnancy, it helps women, young girls with cramps. In general birth control help females with thier periods, it isnt our fault inconsiderate people sell drugs off anything they can get thier hands on. And futher more everybody has sex, its in our nature and its normal, and preventing pregnancy isnt a bad thing to do.

  • Birth Control Should Be Free For All Women

    I was on birth control when I lived at home because we received Medicaid. When I moved out and lost Medicaid, I was going to have to pay $140 a month to continue my birth control. I am now 19 and 37 weeks pregnant. Granted I actually work and support myself without having to use government benefits anymore, many ladies my age aren't. I know many girls my age that are pregnant and don't even have a job. Not only would free birth control prevent unwanted pregnancies, in teens and others like rape victims, but it helps with menstruation pains, which is why I initially started birth control. My cramps would hurt to the point I would go numb from my belly button down and cry myself to sleep every night. Birth control helps with more than just pregnancies and it should be readily available for every women or young girl that has started their period.

  • To be safe

    People should have birth controln cuz there r people getting prego at 13 esrgsed gfr erg sdeg fr esrgf e d rfg erg ter g et rer g erg tt ge rgt eg r eg g rrg tgr re g rg rg gr rg gr r gr g r g rg rg r gg rg rg

  • I reckon it should be

    Like i mean this may sound stingy or what ever, but i don't earn that much money and i kinda need a better way than panadol and heat packs to fix my cramps, and honestly i don't want to pay to not have a kid, thats why i don't want a kid, i can't afford it... But in saying that condoms should also be free, but like plain ones.... Not like ribbed etc, fancy stuff should be paid for....

  • I aint wanna get ma lady preg

    Bc pregnancy is bad brothers and sisters ✌🏼. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The dots are because i needed more words soz fam

  • Cheap or you don't need it

    Birth control should not be free because it can easily be sold for drugs so the person who sold it can get money. Its ridicules because most kids these days are badly sexually active and that's the reason why most teens are pregnant by the age of 15..☻☺☻☺☻ its really stupid because kids tend to think of their parents to take care of there child they had

  • How is birth control considered healthcare?

    Healthcare is defined as "the prevention or treatment of illness by doctors, dentists, psychologists,etc." according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Most other definitions echo those sentiments. Going off of that definition, how is birth control considered healthcare? At least condoms serve to protect people from the transmission of STD's, so an argument could be made that Condoms fall under the category of healthcare. Female birth control (to my knowledge), does nothing to prevent the spread of STD's, nor does it help alleviate, abate or prevent any other illnesses or maladies that I can think of. So why is it considered healthcare? Preventing pregnancy is not a healthcare issue, it's an abstinence issue. If anything, pregnancy is an indicator of a woman's health and fertility.

  • Governments shouldn't pay for healthcare

    If people don't want to be pregnant, or get diseases, etc., just don't have sex. If you still want to have sex afterwards then pay for it out of your own pocket. Why should everyone else pay more just so you can go out and have care free sex. Do it on your own time, and pay for it out of your own pocket, it's not even that expensive for heaven's sake. You don't pay for my toothpaste, a basic health product, so there really is no need to charge everybody more taxes so you can have your birth control pills.

  • ONLY If She's Poor

    If she can't afford it then it's good to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but seriously it's cheap, if you aren't dirt poor buy it yourself. There's no point in paying for it for every women when it's so cheap and easy for most women to pay for it pay for it.

  • It is cheap, unnecessary

    Birth control is cheap and people could easily buy it themselves. This will also cause the birth control market to fail. Government needs to stop providing more and more free services, considering the state of debt we are in. Government should be small and do its job to protect its citizens, and stop sticking their nose into everything else. Big government = bad

  • Nothing is Free

    Nothing is free, stop forcing other people to pay for your personal things. It's non of our concern want to f*** then pay for it yourself and take care of your own kids. There should be no safety net for the lazy losers on welfare, they don't work and suck off us.

  • Birth control should cost the same as condoms

    Birth control should be as cheap as condoms are. So, if a pack of condoms were to be free at a certain clinic, then a month supply of birth control should be free there too, but if the condoms cost money, then the birth control should too.
    Therefore, I lean toward no.
    BUT, if we move toward universal health care in this country, and we decide that contraceptives shall be free, then birth control should be free, duh.

  • Cheap or not, none of other's concern

    The state should stop distrubiting the taxes collected from us to the people who are incapable of financial managment. Birth control materials are like any other trade goods which normally should be sold in exchange of money etc. So making something which as a market free by abusing the taxpayers is neither ethical, nor profitable. State should leave individuals alone so they can adopt and move on.

  • Not my problem

    I support government funding a lot of stuff, Even the things that do not effect me or that I would not make use of. However most of things are because of utility and natural rights. It is good to have access to birth control, Sexual health information, And the likes. But there is no reason why two college kids wanting to have sex or a couple in a relationship or any other pairing of people should be able to have sex for the fun of it while expecting the nation to pay for it. You are doing it for pleasure, That's cool, But if you want to have fun for the bill

  • Taxpayers should be forced to pay for someone else’s contraception

    If you want to use contraception buy it yourself. It is wrong and immature to expect the government to use taxpayer’s money for your contraceptives. You have no right to other people’s money. It’s called being an adult. It is literally theft to expect others to be forced to pick up the tab for your contraceptives.

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