Should birth control be made available to everyone, beginning in middle school?

  • Yes, and better health education!

    The media of today tells people that being sexy or cute and growing up too fast is what is "cool" or what helps you gain followers on Instagram or other social media platforms. There are many kids in the world without guardians to help them make good decisions so they should at least be able to access birth control and be able to take hold of the direction their life is going (although I do believe that teenagers should NOT engage in sexual activity.) However, many kids make bad choices but should not be confined to the limits these choices constrain them to.

  • Want Grand Kids by 40?

    Students are going to have sex whether or not you want them to, the best thing we can do is supply birth control to help prevent teenage pregnancies which often times end up doing more bad than good. So, do you really wanna have a grandchild by the time you're 40 or would you rather know your kids are having sex, safely and responsibly.

  • Birth control will significantly lower teen pregnancy rates

    The cold hard truth is that teenagers have sex. Not all of them, but there is a good percentage of them that do. I am currently a junior at a high school in central California and i see young girls growing baby bumps a lot! These girls didn't have the proper education on safe sex or did not have the essential supplies needed to have safe sex. Not only would distributing birth control and contraceptives lower the rate of teen pregnancy, it would also eliminate the risk of future generations having serious sexually transmitted diseases that can be passed by having un-safe sex. Some people may argue that making birth control available in schools would make more teens turn to sex for recreational fun. That is the dumbest thing i've ever heard! Condoms wouldn't be passed out like mardi gras beads if thats what youre worried about. If a student needed birth control they could discretely go to the nurse and request some. The nurse would them educate them on the necessary information about STDs and other risks in sex. At least with protection we'd know that they're taking care of themselves.

  • Yes, this is prime time right before they reach high school and the only way to give them access before it happens

    Although it is an uncomfortable topic, it is right before they enter high school which is about the time where they receive the peer pressure so it is better to inform them earlier before they could be influenced so they can have the proper information and protection they need and can act accordingly.

  • Yes I do believe that birth control should be given to everyone begining middle school.

    I believe that because if we had control in the schools especailly middle school kids because you limit down on how many pregnancies happen. Plus not as many girls would be walking around school informing their teachers they will be leaving on maturity leave in the middle of the school year.

  • Yes, why not.

    The question could easily be flipped 180 degrees. Should birth control be unavailable to young teenagers? The obvious answer here is yes. There is no logical reasoning that supports making birth control unavailable. If there is a demand amoung people for birth control, it should be available. Education is way superior to prohibition. Some forms of birth controls like birth control pills can be problematic, since they generally have a negative effect on the womans health. But as long as there is ample correct information available, that shouldn't be a bigger problem than not having access to birth control.

  • Safety comes first

    Teenagers are going to have sex. There is no way around it. There is a general movement happening in America where it seems that many people are determined to put a lock and chain on the sexual activity of youth, but sex is a biological need and urge. It is not a bad thing. But that's all beside the point.

    Not giving teenagers access to birth control because we don't want to "encourage them" to have sex is about as sensible as removing fire extinguishers from a building so that people will be more cautious and take more steps to prevent fires. Not everyone has to choose it, but it should be made available to those who want it. There is nothing wrong with being prepared, and people who ostracize those who want to be are standing in the way of the good of the person in question.

    Posted by: MC1R
  • Available birth control AND comprehensive sex education.

    The significant rise in the use of birth control by teenagers is directly responsible for our teen pregnancy rate last year being the lowest in the last seventy years.
    The only things proven to reduce teen pregnancy, reduce STDs, and reduce the number of abortions is a combination of comprehensive sex education at an age early enough to matter and the availability of affordable contraception.

  • Do you want your kids to be pregnant?

    Teenagers are going to have sex. It does not matter what you tell them. It is the job of the people in their lives that are teaching them, to be careful and responsible to allow them to have sex in the most responsible way possible. That argument that says this is just telling kids it's okay to have sex, that is outrageous. This would be telling kids that, " okay we know you're going to have sex, so here, do it safely" . It's the same argument with condoms, except condoms should be stressed even more. The only issue with birth control is that sometimes there can be negative side effects and/or allergies to a certain medication, but that's not what this argument is about, and there could be ways around that.

  • No, just no.

    Firstly, birth control in middle school leads to the assumed acceptance of middle school aged children participating in sexual activity.
    No, middle schoolers should not be having sex and giving them birth control kind of gives them the "okay" to do it. I'm not saying that they won't do it, but with proper sex education, teenagers should learn the dangers and precautions of sex, but giving them birth control okays premature sexual activity, which is the main problem today.

  • Oh hell no!

    That is disgusting! Nobody should be put on the pill until they are married (or not at all). I am sick and tired of liberals trying to poison the innocent minds of young children. The reason so many people are having children out of marriage and getting STDs are because of the sexual revolution which was partly caused by the invention of the pill.

  • Sure, and they should dispense illegal drugs to protect kids from buying drugs on the street which might be adulterated with harmful chemicals.

    Why parent kids at all? Whey not just provide a safe environment where they can have sex, drugs and rock and roll until they are 21 when they will just magically become responsible adults?

    Some kids will have sex, drink and drive, do drugs and all manner of bad things and some of them will suffer dire consequences. But not all kids do. Parenting isn't an absolute. It's more of pushing back against the tide of temptations and bad influences on kids and hopefully you hold some if it back, maybe most of it until they are mature enough to see the folly of their desires. The last thing parents need are other authorities undermining the efforts of parents by sending the message that bad behavior is inevitable, acceptable, and can be made safe.

    Underage sex is a felony. How can anybody in authority thinks it is acceptable to aid and abet a felony? When some teenage boy is facing felony charges and life as a sex offender for getting his 13yr old girlfriend pregnant will these enablers be in court to explain to the judge how they put the girl on the pill and made the boy use a condom, that they told these kids that sex would now be safe, that they will take full responsibility for the consequences? Of course not. They will standby and let the parents do the suffering.

    Lastly, schools have zero tolerance policies toward drugs which include legal prescriptions. Try to get your school to allow you child to take required medication during school. Why is birth control not treated the same way? How does a school get away with administering prescription drugs to minors without parental knowledge?

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