• Hell Yes it should!

    As a bisexual swinger I believe that it should be more mainstream. I am male and the taboo of male-male sex is very uncomfortable. I enjoy being able to admit to others that I go both ways and when my girlfriend and I have fun with others I enjoy when I get to experience another man. It does not have to end with oral and I find that girls like to see me receive anal as much as I like doing it.

  • I like cake and ice cream.

    I wouldn't only choose one. I have never had sexual relations with the goal to procreate. My goal was physical pleasure. It would be silly to leave out half of those opportunities due to bizarre gender roles. I love football, and enjoy romance movies. The only limitations I believe in, is consenting adults only.

  • Meet people halfway

    If you want your wife to do some things for you; you may have to do something for her; fair is fair. Some guys expect an female to do all the dirty things for their enjoyment. If she can go down on an girl; she might want you to go down on another guy. Once you are secure in your relationship; you should be able to have fun together without being judge mental of each other, or other people.

  • It IS Becoming More Mainstream

    My wife and I are both bisexual and are both swingers. My wife is all but expected to be bi in male-female-female threesomes and in foursomes. In male-male-female threesomes, it is easier for me to admit I am bisexual. In foursomes, we tend to get to know the other couple by swinging with the girls going bi and the guys not for a while before my wife (or, and this is the best option, the other wife or girlfriend) asking the two guys if they ever "experimented" with another guy when we were younger. That is my cue to admit once I got head from and then gave head to another guy. Usually when I admit that, like 75% of the time, the other guy admits to having blown or been blown by another guy. The other 25% of the time the other couple asks questions and sometimes joins the other 75% in asking if I would ever consider sucking another guy off. I usually say I would if I could be certain the other guy would not tell anyone. That's usually when I get another erection and those types of erections tend to be contagious. :) The end result is I often find myself on my knees sucking off the other guy and later get sucked off by the other guy.

  • It should become more mainstream

    I have no problem with people living out whatever their sexual pleasures are. That's up to the individual and nobody else, and it's time for things like this to stop being so cliched. Let people do whatever they'd like to do as long as they aren't harming other people in the process.

  • I don't see why not.

    I am not a swinger or bisexual, but I don't have a problem with people who are swingers. I don't think the person's sexual orientation should be considered either. If swinging became more mainstream, it could be mainstream for straight people, bi/pansexuals and gays and lesbians. It is something that is a matter of personal taste, but I think that it shouldn't bother those who don't choose to partake in it.

  • No, promotion of healthy, safe human relationships should be cultivated in the mainstream

    Modern society has eroded the healthy foundations of normal family groups through its acceptance of “alternative” lifestyles such as swinging and swingers. What mainstream society needs is to accept and maintain is core nuclear family values. This promotes stability, ideas of loyalty, belonging and commitment, the exact opposite of swinging and the activity swingers engage in.

  • No,swinging should not become more mainstream.

    What someone might do in their free time is strictly up to them.The thing is nobody should be pressured to participate in something they feel uncomfortable with.The truth is most people don't feel comfortable swinging so it is unlikely that it will become mainstream anytime soon or should anyone be forced to partake of swinging.

  • Let the Freaks stay to themselves

    No they shouldn't become more mainstream because the relationships that men and women are having are already struggling in this life. We don't need to add more temptations to relationships that we are all involved in with each other. If a couple wants to swing that is their business and not mine.

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