Should Bitcoin be allowed to exist (yes) or does the currency violate the U.S. Constitution (no)?

  • Yes it should exist

    Bitcoins should exist because some home workers use bitcoins as a currency but no place to use it in the real world if bitcoins existed in the real world then those home workers could pay their bills or taxes. So bitcoins should be allowed to exist in the United Sates.

  • The Constitution Doesn't Matter

    I believe Bitcoin should be allowed to exist. It will live out its existence and hold value as long as people find it valuable. On the other hand, I don't really think the United States constitution has a say in whether Bitcoin can exist or not. The United States doesn't control the world and it shouldn't.

  • Yes, virtual currency can exist.

    Bitcoins are not a United States-based currency, but rather a virtual worldwide currency, so there shouldn't be any reason that they go against the Constitution. Virtual currencies exist in other forms, too; for example, PayPal is somewhat of a virtual currency. That being said, Bitcions are often used for illegal activity, and when that is the case, the government certainly has a right, and even a responsibility, to get involved.

  • Yes it should exist.

    Bitcoin should be allowed to exist because it does not violate any laws and is not against the constitution. People use virtual money all the time in games and such it is basically the same thing just used on a larger variety of items and people are able to trade it in for real money.

  • Ben Franklin had it right

    The Constitution simply states that the government has the singular right to coin currency. Initially, paper currency was negated-an issue later solved by SCOTUS. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 further clarified the goals and responsibilities of the several Reserve banks and currency regulations. Too simple, I know, but space is limited

  • Bitcoin existing is NOT a constitutional right. Our world real, not virtual

    This is a global question, not a USA question, so the constitution DKA. Bitcoin is virtual money used in the virtual world. It is not safe for investors because there's no regulation, it is used often times to buy things that are illegal and there's no purpose in having it. It can can and should be replaced by real currency.

  • No, it isn't a violation.

    It is not an official currency but rather a means of trade that can be worth something or not depending upon supply and demand so it does not seem to violate the Unite States Constitution. It should be allowed to exist, but those who collect it as money need to be wary.

  • The Constitution makes rules for money.

    Bitcoin should not be allowed to exist, because the way the Constitution is written, foreign currencies are prohibited. It is not that Bitcoin is a terrible idea, it is that the Constitution provides that only the federal government can establish a currency system. This was created so that each state does not have their own currency. It applies to Bitcoin, too.

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