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  • No, they cannot be stopped.

    I do not think BitTorrents should be illegal. No matter how many laws we write to try and stop them, they'll always find a way around it. Fighting the Internet over this is an impossible battle. The more laws we create, the more loopholes and overseas locations they'll use to find their way right through them. Even after the leaders of BitTorrent sites get arrested, their websites stay up through someone else that took their place. Thus, I think we should stop wasting time and money fighting them and just let them be.

  • They help students

    No, these downloads should not be illegal, and this is actually a great program that will one day boom and be a household name, in my opinion. This program is great for students to share documents from peer to preer, and will help out a lot of people once it is well known.

  • Depends on the content

    If the downloads are of copyrighted material, then of course it already is illegal because you are getting content for free that you should pay for. However, not all content on BitTorrent is like this. Many of the files are not copyrighted and they are more than able to share.

  • Do you mean banned?

    BitTorrent is a site commonly used by people to illegal download media and work that would otherwise cost money to be purchased. It is already currently illegal to download things without paying for them, so asking for it to be illegal is pointless. Should these services be banned? I don't feel they should because then the Internet would be instantaneously censored on many levels.

  • It is sharable content.

    No, BitTorrent downloads should not be illegal, because it is free content to begin with. Sharing a BitTorrent is no different than putting in the VCR when your favorite show is playing, and then lending the VCR to your neighbor. Technology has made this easier, but the content is the same. It is sharing content that is already meant for everyone.

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