Should BitTorrent expand to keep up with faster Internet speeds?

  • Yes, otherwise they will lose their audience.

    Yes, BitTorrent should expand their capabilities in order to keep up with faster internet speeds, because if they don't their audience will go other places to find content. BitTorrent needs an upgrade to stay competitive. They should stay cutting edge because that will help them stay competitive, with so many things offered on the internet.

  • Yes it should

    I think that everything needs to expand to keep up with faster internet speeds. Bit Torrent is a popular thing and if it wants to survive in the future, it will have to expand to keep up with faster internet speeds. If they do not expand, they will most likely die out.

  • If They Want To Grow

    I believe if BitTorrent wants to grow and remain viable it will no doubt have to expand to keep up with faster internet speeds. This would be the case for any entity on the Internet that provides any kind of viable service. Competition never ends on the Internet, everything is always expanding and changing.

  • BitTorrent Being Replaced

    BitTorrent was fantastic technology for the time it started. Downloading huge files over the Internet could be done more efficiently with many computers downloading smaller chunks. Now, with the advent of cloud computing services and faster Internet speed, BitTorrent needs to find ways to be relevant. Livestreaming videos doesn't need a lot of computer memory anymore because the files are stored elsewhere and not on a hard drive.

  • File sharing is expanding.

    If possible, BitTorrent should expand due to the large amount of people who participate in the file sharing community. Although illegal, there are a bunch of people who go to BitTorrent and other sites in order to get files they want. In order to stay competitive, they should expand to keep up.

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