Should Black Entertainment Television (BET) favor African American candidates who seek employment at the channel?

  • Yes, it's about demographics.

    Just as those places of employment that are appealing to younger consumers need to employ younger staff members, so a television channel called Black Entertainment Television needs to hire employees who fit the demographic and know what it likes and needs. Certainly there can be some non black staff, but not the majority.

  • Yes, it was designed for black people

    It might sound wrong, but the channel was blatantly designed for the African American community. It would only make sense to employ all African Americans. Frankly, seeing a white person or an Asian on BET seems a little silly. When something is that blatantly biased or narrow, stick to your guns.

  • No Black Entertainment Television should not favor black applicants seeking employment.

    While Black Entertainment Television's (BET) target demographic is the black community they should not discriminate against qualified job applicants based solely upon the race of the applicant. However non-black applicants should also understand that their prospective employer, BET, has the need to balance cultural expectations (i.e. race) into the hiring decision.

  • No,BET should not favor African American candidates who seek employment at the channel.

    If African Americans truly want to be equal they should definitely follow practices of non-discrimination.Just because their ancestors were discriminated against in previous generations doesn't mean they have to act the same.African Americans in leadership positions should hire on merit not strictly on race that really has no relation to ability.

  • Not solely so

    It would make sense that people in Black Entertainment Television's management would be black (obviously, this makes sense) because they know their own cultures and desires. Still, while they'd likely be more qualified than others, there could very well be a white person best for the job - its culture, not race.

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