• Yes, but let's start talking about moving away from it instead of dwelling on it.

    I definitely think Black intellectuals should talk about race - but not racism. I think Black intellectuals should talk about the many accomplishments made by people of the Black race and about Black heroes like Martin Luther King. I think we should start focusing on pride instead of dwelling on negatives. I think Black intellectuals could be a driving force and an inspiration.

  • Black Intellectuals Talk

    I personally think that the rise of black academics, including Cornel West, Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Patricia Williams, who had vigorously taken on the role of public intellectuals, stirring debate on issues of importance to African-Americans. Today, more African-Americans hold more positions at colleges, not always involving subjects that have particular relevance to black people.

  • If They Need To

    I do not believe that all black intellectuals should feel obligated to talk about race. In today's world, particularly the United States, I think it is possible for some black intellectuals to have come up without problems associated with race. If they feel they have something to share or they can add something important to the discussion, then by all means they should.

  • No, I don't believe black intellectuals should talk about race.

    While racial discrimination is still a problem in today's society I don't believe the problem is as large as it once was, the laws that restricted African Americans from participating in many areas of society are all eliminated today and I think it is a good thing if intellectuals stopped bringing up racial issues.

  • No, nobody should talk about race

    Racism is only an issue because everyone keeps talking about it. If we all just treated each other like people, instead of constantly emphasizing our different races, we would all treat each other more humanely. We should all celebrate our cultural backgrounds, but race should have no bearing on our relationships or our daily lives.

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