Should black lives matter be classified as a terrorist organization?

  • I think it is

    There are 3 types of evil in the world
    1- type are people that are trying to be evil but are good people in heart.
    2- People that are evil because of their animalistic senses and they don't try to hide themselvs (like Hitler, Mussolini etc. ) these people are evil because of their animalistic senses. Tribalism and they are the most basic level of evil.

    1- These are the smart evil, They are so smart that you can't call them evil, If you do call the evil openly they will try to shut you down. These kind of evil always disguise themselvs as good people and they act like they are fighting the "evil". The "evil" are usually something that isn't even a problem or isn't even bad. I can give you some modern examples like: BLM, Antifa ypg, Pkk etc. So yes i think BLM is a terorist organization and should be labeled as one but i'd like to hear more opinions.

  • Look at the evidence.

    This is such a controversial topic because it is a phrase that is inherently harmless, That every sentient human being should be able to get behind, But now it is sadly "fused" to a movement that is anything but harmless, A movement whose main website (until about a month ago) openly supported socialist marxist ideologies, That demonizes our current system of government, Castigates broad swaths of people and organizations as systemically racist, Calls for civil unrest, Borderline advocates for violence, Demonizes law enforcement, Elevates criminals, And normalizes/justifies vandalism and looting.

  • Look at this please

    a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, Especially against civilians, In the pursuit of political aims.
    "four commercial aircraft were hijacked by terrorists"
    unlawfully using violence and intimidation, Especially against civilians, In the pursuit of political aims.
    "a terrorist organization"

    Please tell me if this describes BLM. Personally, I must say I support their cause and I want black people to be treated fairly and I want black people to have jobs, Homes, Family, And support when they need it but I will not support BLM the way it is right now. When I see them, I do not see Martin Luther King Jr. Supporting the way they act. They do not pull my heartstrings the same way MLK and the protesters from 1962 pulled them. 1962 civil right protests made me feel bad for black people and it made me want to reach out and help them and MLK is one of the top influential people today and I appreciate that. BLM however doesn't pull my heartstrings and they become violent so easily. The civil rights movement has gone down a path I cannot follow. I want black people to have human rights but I will only support them if they steer clear of violence which they are not.

  • Nu never why when were who

    BLM is fighting for their rights to be treated equally when you call them terrorists you're saying that there the ones that caused 9/11 but did we NO. The reason for this war is because of law enforcement. They're the ones going around killing and hurting people just because they want FREEDOM. So terrorist is not the right word. Get your grammar correct

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