Should Black Lives Matter be Labeled as a Domestic Terrorist Organization?

Asked by: DTPhenom
  • I guess so.

    BLM has done some shit thing to spread there exaggerated message, but I would say they barely qualify to be labeled a terrorist organization. Members of the movement kidnap a disabled person and tortured him for supporting a candidate the Left dislikes. If that doesn't seem like something a terrorist would do then I don't what they would.

  • They have done terrible things

    To stand across a freeway and stop traffic is out of the question and to commit violent acts such as kidnapping a disable man and torturing him in the name of your cause is a terrorist act. We cannot accept these actions simply because they are a group fighting for racial causes. Everyone is quick to forget the terrorist acts of many individuals who have done good. No matter how good your speech is, if you are violent ten your cause is done in the name of evil. Nelson Mandela tried to blow up a building before he was sent to prison. His cause instantly became one that was not done in the name of peace, but done in the name of violence.

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