• The should be treated like shit.

    Why not? They are shit and they have no reason to live. They are a liability. We should just end them. On top of this, they aren't even grateful to white people. They deal with our crap. THEY STEAL FORM US AND KILL US. They should all be dead. TY

  • Yes, They should

    Black people should be treated better otherwise it aint fair you know what im sayin homie! Its just right black people need something to do than just sit in the sand begging for food, all im trying to say is, BE NICE TO BLACK PEOPLE OR THEY WILL ROB YOU MORE THAN THEY DO!

  • Yes, they are not human.

    Of course blacks should be treated differently! That's like asking, "should gorillas be treated differently?" Blacks aren't human, we do them no favors by trying to put them in human society. Remember that woman who got her face torn off by her pet chimp? Same thing. You put an animal in a situation it is not equipped for and violence is often the result. It's not fair to the animal, it's not fair to blacks.

    I would say that they should be sent back to the wild (Africa), but there's clearly not enough room there. Their habitat is overpopulated. Instead, they should be sent to zoos or put to work as farm animals (you could even make them into glue or dog food when they are no longer profitable).

  • Yes, but treated WORSE.

    They need to be deported to desolate areas and forced into hard labor until they die out. They cause a grossly disproportionate amount of crime compared to the percentage of the population they make up, a cold hard fact that is never acknowledged on a large scale. While causing a highly disproportionate of crime they blame anyone but themselves for all of their problems, even people who have been dead for hundreds of years and people alive now who never were then. They get free food and money, more and more for every kid they have. They never even have to get jobs, yet still, they complain and refuse to work.

    Their lack of intelligence is one of the most obvious phenomenons in nature that i witness daily.

  • They should be treated equally to us.

    If you believe that black people deserve to get fucked, you honestly don't deserve to be here. Humanity matters as do race and equality. These should all be accounted for yet 75% of people are against the idea that the colour of race should be treated unequal. In fact, more black people suffer getting jobs and being discriminated than white yet they are treated like shit. People that are against the idea of blacks being liable towards more crime rates, transportation and equal rights need to go google why the fuck they are here on this earth/

  • Does skintone matter

    NO, it is the same as someones hair or eye color. The reason they commit more crimes is bacausr we also bully them. I think the question means relative to others, not to them now. And NO, they are the same as us meaning they get treated the same as us.

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