• Yes, of course.

    I'm not sure I completely understand the question. Why would they not celebrate it? Every single American no matter their race has freedom today. If you don't want to celebrate then you should leave. Racism is dead in this country and we don't have time for pissy people who want to bring up garbage from the past that has nothing to do with this day and age.

  • This debate makes no sense.

    The reason why I say that is because people seem to judge America based off things that happened 140 years ago. Yes, slavery was terrible, but we shouldn't judge our current state based off of the fact that people owned other people years ago. African Americans have had equal rights since the 1960's, and have kept those rights since.

    The worst part, however, is the labeling. There's Asian Americans, African Americans, Spanish Americans, so on and so forth. They're not African, and Asian, and Spanish Americans, they're just simply Americans. They live in possibly the greatest country in the world, regardless of their race, creed or language. To quote John F. Kennedy, change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. So, instead of complaining about how one race should not celebrate by talking about racism, let's talk about how we can improve America today and move forward, not as individual races but as one definitive people, after all, that IS what our founding fathers wanted, isn't it?

  • Black American Rights

    Black American Citizens have every right to celebrate their country's independence. I'm fairly certain many other countries had similar issues. Even though we all pushed and pushed for black rights, everything's still a racial issue. We've taken so many steps forward. We used to be ignorant and think whites are a superior race but as the times changed those viewpoints changed. But somehow whites are still considered racist. Somehow it's my fault of what my ancestors did to blacks. And now some people, people who want to call themselves american citizens, think that independence day is a white pride holiday. They think that it's wrong to celebrate their nation becoming a country.

  • All Americans Should Celebrate

    Although Blacks were still slaves when the Declaration of Independence was written, this is still home to Blacks and they should lay claim on this country instead of finding reasons to set themselves apart from America. I believe many Blacks do not feel as if America is their own country, and that needs to change.

  • Why the heck not?

    Who ever created this question must be bored out of their mind because it makes absolutely no sense. Why shouldn't black people celebrate the 4th of July? Why is it even about race? Everyone is allowed to celebrate whatever they want if it's not hurting themselves or others in The United States of America and it should stay that way.

  • There is no difference!

    We should all be equal. You are not a different person if you are born black. Simply because the only difference between a black man and a white man is the skin. A black man is intelligent as much as a white man. The people who hate black men are weird and most of them hate them because they connect black people with the poor people in Africa who are not so intelligent because there is no good education there. If you are born white in Africa you will be like the rest of the Africans. So the way you look does not prove nothing!

  • What kind of question is this?

    America's morals and values are based off of the United States Constitution. Even though history has swayed against African American's, any black living in this country right now is part of America. Hence, anybody who is part of America has the full blown right to celebrate Independence day. Independence Day isn't about who was around when we settled our freedom, it's about celebrating who and what our country is today based off our natural rights of freedom.

  • Yes the should

    Sadly history is no longer taught in schools and previously, valuable info was often left out. The black ancestors also fought the "Redcoats" along with the European white settlers. Additionally, not all white settlers were slave owners. Many were brought here as punishment for debts owed in the old country. These people worked for nothing as well as did the slaves. Not all Southerners had slaves. Not all slave owners were mean etc, and did indeed offer payment in form of decent housing, food etc and in some cases, tho' rare, education (same was true for women). Not all today's "blacks" in America are descendants of black slaves in this country. Many moved here post slavery days as they still do. I like to think the modern American Black man or woman is looking to the future. I know as many successful Black Americans as I do White Americans. And for your continued education, please realize that Africans of that time period and in many tribes today were and are slaves. Some of the slaves were tribal slaves. Do some serious research and I believe you will find tribes on that Continent. Mr. Obama in DC is not a descendant of an American slave now is he? Happy research. The mind is a wonderful thing to enrich.

  • Of Course All Americans Should

    Anyone who is a US citizen has the right to celebrate the fourth of July , no matter what color they are. America was a country based on freedoms. In the Americas past their have been many issues with slavery, segregation, etc. But every country has their own problems. Everyone should celebrate the fourth of July, based on Americas original and basic truths.

  • I see no reason why today's blacks shouldn't.

    While in times of slavery, I can understand why an African American wouldn't exactly feel the same sense of nationalism as an American who wasn't dealing with their burden, those days are a thing of the past. The current administration is not the government that previously enslaved your ancestors. Civil rights for blacks are protected in modern-day America. Their race has no reason to aim any resentment for slavery practices at our current country.


    The following is an essay that is approximately 1200 words, and therefore, too big to go here. Due to the HISTORICAL nature of the essay, it would be difficult, if not impossible to edit the text to fit, and still maintain the integrity of what is being said. I look forward to those willing to use the link to visit my blog and read the essay. In the event that there is a problem with the link, one can find it in my cover photos, attached to a photo that reads "the 4th of U lie." I look forward to your comments.


  • We were not free

    We are still. Not treated fairly. In courts by police getting charges removed from criminal record in credit worthiness on some jobs in the political arena the black on black crime does not help our cause why would any of us celebrate any thing created while they had slaves one day we all will be free

  • The holiday commemorates something we started , but were not able to benefit from

    AND FURTHERMORE ENGLAND FREED SLAVES IN 1775 AND ARMED. THEM THAT WERE MUCH MORE GIVING THAN AMERICA if the british had one we would be a little better.. But atlas slavery would have needed in 1775 and not 1863 , so in turn america winning its independence kept black people enslaved for almost another 100 years.. And then of course reconstruction and the rise of the kkk.. I SEE NO REASON TO CELEBRATE a political loss and behalf of a nation.. Just to celebrate the dominate culture m and possibly reason some weird antebellus sign of favor.. Nah i'm good.. I don't eat bar-b-q.... Nor do i enjoy fireworks...Peace y'all

  • Blacks were still enslaved in 1776

    It makes no sense to support your oppressor's independence from another oppressor. This is "captive bonding" at its best. It wasn't until 1863 (around 87 years later) that the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. Even that was followed by another 100 years or so of Jim Crow and struggles for basic civil and human rights. So, what are Blacks really "independent" from when there is an active effort to assimilate into a society that continues to resist them if they do not support the status quo?

  • Why I, as a American of African Descent no longer celebrate the 4th of July!

    The early Americans that drafted many documents today were not written with Native American's and descendants of African's in mind!

    Slavery in the United States was the legal institution of chattel slavery that existed in the United States of America in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    Slavery had been practiced in British North America from early colonial days, and was recognized in the Thirteen Colonies at the time of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

    When the United States was founded, even though some free persons of color were present, the status of slave was largely limited to those of African descent, creating a system and legacy in which race played an influential role.

    After the Revolutionary War, abolitionist laws and sentiment gradually spread in the Northern states, while the rapid expansion of the cotton industry from 1800 led to the Southern states strongly identifying with slavery, and attempting to extend it into the new Western territories.

    The United States was polarized by slavery into slave and free states along the Mason-Dixon Line, which separated Maryland (slave) and Pennsylvania (free).

    Living in a system of Institutionalized Racism and being first educated with a European slant then truly being educated there are many things I no longer support!

    What is really important is changing this hodgepodge of a society we live in!

    Idiots think we still live in a democracy when that died long ago and we now live in an incestious mix of a plutocracy, a corporatocracy, a kleptocracy and a oligarchy!

    Only a Resourced Based Ecomony can fix this mess we live in!!

  • Yeah, thanks but no thanks..

    As previously stated from others, I am a descendant of enslaved people. The Declaration of Independence was not written for my ancestors, therefore I will not rejoice nor will I celebrate. Me celebrating 4th of July is like a Native American celebrating Thanksgiving. For me, it is just another day. .

  • We are still slaves(prisoners) in America!

    You can not forget the past, because the past is still the present, and worse. We may not be in chains, but we are locked up and sent to prison every day at a rate higher than other racial group and treated like slaves. Every black man/boy no matter where he is from in America is a target, and is looked upon as an criminal just for being a live or free. We can't be ourselves here without racism towards us. The justice system is not justice at all, it gives privileges to whites over blacks. In every city in America you know when your in a black neighborhood, because its down trodden, everything seems to be destroyed. The far nicer communities are white or mixed and the differences are very obvious.
    The fourth of July did not makes us free, nor did it make the native Indians. Whites came here and robbed, murdered and raped the people and their land. We have so called black president and things are still bad for us. During Barak Obama 8 year presidency, we had more black men/boys being killed at the gun of law enforcement than ever before. How is that? When you think things were getting better, well they are not. If you celebrate this despicable day of hypocrisy you are definitely destroyed from ignorance. May the Most High have mercy upon you.
    Really we should had never fought in the Revolutionary War or any whiteman's war. It's better we had fought for our own independence and not for anyone else,... For heaven sakes we were slaves not freed, but fighting to free our oppressors. I will not support so called America independence day it's an total disrespect to our ancestors and us here today.

  • No way possible!

    I wont go on long because if you're mind is already destroyed then no amount of arguments will suffice. The "Holiday" Celebrates a specific day.. July 4th 1776 (FACT). On that date "Black" people were slaves almost in every capacity.. (FACT). Great Britain was on one side and the American Colonies on the other (FACT). GB was further along in its position on abolition of slavery the the AC. AC claimed that the reason for the war was Taxation W/O Representation. One of the things the lack Representation the AC were concerned with was COMMERCE! Now ask yourself, What kind of COMMERCE? The AC wanted to conduct COMMERCE how they felt best served their interest but were unable to control that future as they had no REPRESENTATION to deal with that concern. SO what was of the AC chief industries that was threatened by the control of GB...? You got it ... SLAVERY! GB abolished slavery well before the AC's. SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? If the AC's loose the war, "Black" men, women and children get released from captivity, bondage and inhumane slavery well be for 1863! Ask yourself, what is more important, being an American or the freedom of your people. I will always choose the latter. If you choose anything else, YOU hate your own people and yourself (FACT).

  • Blacks should not.

    Just as Americans celebrate their Independence on the 4th of July they are also celebrating a government that says slavery was ok and even legal. We should not forget about our country's Independence, so please don't ask Blacks to forget about slavery. By the way would you ask a Native America to celebrate the 4th of July?

  • Seriously? Black people STILL do not have full civil rights, social access or equal opportunities in America.

    On July 4th, 1776, all blacks other than the free black businessmen and other free blacks with resources were slaves, and property of white males. In 1776 nobody but white males could vote or own land or firearms. Blacks were not citizens in 1776, and none of the blacks who helped found America were honored or even acknowledged. It is easier to ask somebody why black Americans SHOULD celebrate it, because the answer becomes clear faster.

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chatpaltam says2013-07-03T23:13:41.440
If everyone knew the real story behind the july fourth , I doubt no one would care, its all just a reason to have a party
000ike says2013-07-04T16:12:53.727
So is Christmas and every other holiday of the year.... What's your point?
YYW says2013-07-05T06:53:58.857
When Fredrick Douglass wrote the piece the author referenced, he had legitimate grievances against the United States. Now, while I'm not claiming we have achieved perfect racial equality, pieces like this do no good to that end. This is the text of that historic document: http://pages.Uoregon.Edu/mjdennis/courses/hst456_douglass.Htm . I am disappointed, but not surprised the Huffington Post published this.