Should blacks get reperations for Jim Crow?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes they should.

    The State and the current forms of dominant society should have an obligation to have reparations for the periods of slavery and Jim Crow. The argument here is that Jim Crow Laws were a terrible thing and racist thing to do and it is up to the dominant to pay back for previous injustices due to the cultural effects that it had and has on modern society.

  • No, they should not

    No, wherein the Jim Crow laws were a terrible and racist thing to do, providing reparations for it would just rekindle old feuds. Putting it in the past would be the best course of action. Racism will only end once we stop acknowledging it as a tangible thing. It is important to remember them, but not live our lives reminding people of them.

  • Only the ones who lived through it.

    While anyone who had to live through it should receive reparations, they make up only a minority of living black people today.

    Reparating someone for something they never once went through on the grounds of their skin color is not okay. Making people pay for those reparations on grounds of their skin color because of something they never did is wrong.

    Stop generalizing races as being singular units... Like assuming all white people is one person, and all black people is one person, and the white guy was mean once... That's not how things work.

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