Should Blacks hold resentment towards America/Whites for slavery?

Asked by: TsKen
  • Its only the greatest injustice ever carried out against them....

    Saying that blacks should not be mad about slavery happening to them isnt much different than saying that the jews shouldnt be mad about the Holocaust happening to them, or for Americans to be mad that 9/11 happened to them.... Blacks shouldnt be ENRAGED about it, but they are more than within their rights and logic to still hold resentment over there being a time when they had zero rights and were treated as sub-human beings

  • I say yes.

    Yes becasue not even the white man himself forgets about the pass.
    If white people can hold so strong onto the pass, which have driven them to even creat a mesume. Even holidays remembrance day. And many other things to never forget the pass. What more is there to say about black peoples pass?

    It did happen, we all know it did, and white people are constanly teaching it in school evey single day, the new generation is being thought about the pass. Why? Becasue this a even that mouse be remember. If a black decide to hold any resenment towards a white person, they do have all the right. However acting on it will put them in the wrong. A black person can laught with a white man, that does not mean they cant have other mind about them.

  • I say not against all but definitely against those who benefited and continue to benefit from the free labor.

    Ok say that I force you to work for me for 40 years and I don't pay you a dime. During that period me and my family build a fortune directly on the back of your free labor. Generations pass and the same fortune is passed on several time while generations of your family still are reimbursed anything. Would you forgive the debt and encourage your family to do the same or would you continually pursue what is owed to you until it is paid? You can't be angry at everyone about what is owed but are definitely within your right to hold resentment directly against the guilty parties living or dead until the debt is paid. If that never happens, then said resentment will never go away.

  • Black history before slavery

    Blacks have been erased from world history. In America schools start with slavery. Black people have been on earth too long to begin our history there. The moors have been erased from world history. Ancient Egypt has been credited to races other than blacks. America doesn't want blacks to have a history.

  • Was it not blacks who sold each other to slavery?

    Blacks sold other captive blacks during the civil war in Africa.

    In this case, since they sold each of their own, why do blacks still hold resentment in America?

    They chose to sell each other and created the slave trade in which America itself chose to end it. As opposed to being resentful, shouldn't blacks be more appreciative?

  • No. Forgive each other.

    I know how there were so many histories of how blacks were treated by the whites. Discrimination, injustice, slavery, unequal law systems. Blacks have many reasons and rights to hold these angers towards whites. But if it's just for slavery, then no. Slavery did not just happen in America for Blacks, it happened all over the world against each other races and not just Blacks.

  • I swear this question is getting played out lmao

    Blacks are not angry about slavery. That is such a dumb --s idea. Blacks are angry about segregation, about lynching, about discrimination. Why would blacks blame whites for something elites did. If anything, it makes more sense to believe they hate whites for segregation. Oh don't forget conquest of Africa.

    The idea that blacks hate whites for slavery is so simplistic and stupid, it's actually hilarious. It would be, if it wasn't a real idea.

    Blacks are angry about segregation and colonialism, not slavery.

  • Only if they themselves were slaves.

    Holding on to something that did not happen to you, or to those directly linked to your life (your friends and family) and holding it against those that did not act against you (or your friends or family) has no logical value. While "should" is a moral statement, and we can argue moral justification night and day, it is within most people's moral views that we shouldn't do illogical things.

  • No. Blacks shouldn't hold resentment against Whites

    No. Blacks should not hold resentment towards America/Whites for Slavery. But what Blacks must continue to be vocal against (and this an attitude every American must take on) is racism and hatred directed toward them and minorities! There are still strong personalities in this country that White Americans praise for their racist views and as long as they remain appreciated, even worshipped, blacks and other minorities will continue to be vocal and very political. Like Whites, blacks and minorities have dreams, and we will be very vocal and politically active when political and social forces unite to deprive us of our dreams.

  • I guess you could call it a done deal?

    This is a long gone question, as it really doesn't apply to these days where the black and whites can be treated equally, but some members of both races have belittled themselves to being the low end of the American economy. The blacks can not blame us for any misfortunes, as they have had plenty time to succeed outside of the barriers of racism and slavery that were once forced upon them. There have been many influential black men and women who have done extremely well in the mixed (black and white) society, so therefore, there is no reason for blacks to still have a grudge with whites. Is there?

  • This case lacks a majority.

    ANALYSIS - The fact that "Blacks" and "Whites" were used as terms to define groups of people means this is a general question. A general audience is defined by its majority.

    THOUGHTS - The majority of each audience is young. Young is a relative term, in this case it means they are part of a newer generation. This generation lacks both a culprit and victim. New generation Americans don't keep new generation African Americans as slaves.

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - Here, we will go on a tangent. Slaves do exist. The slave trade is an undeniable reality the world is currently facing. However, it is not focused on black people alone. People of all colour and culture are victims. Men, women, children, elderly. Black, white, asian, brown. I believe the question here is related to legal slave ownership, therefore the underworld's slave trading will be omitted from my answer. I simply wished to acknowledge its existence and clarify that I don't mean to ignore modern slavery.

    INTERPRETATION - I am going back to the main topic, racial tension due to the practice of slavery in an older generation. Surely prejudices will be passed down from parent to child and so forth. However, whether or not those prejudices are ethical is a different question. I interpreted this question as an ethical question. "Is it right for blacks to feel angry with whites for what happened in the past?"

    OPINION, PERSONAL THOUGHT- In my opinion, the past is the past. I must be objective and forego my own opinion in an objective analysis. If I were to simply state my opinion I would lack a logical explanation. For example, would you accept "In my opinion, the past is the past," as the only thing written in this submission? The chances are that are fairly low. I'd be dismissed as stubborn, or short-sighted.

    DEFINITION, ETHICS, MORALS - That being said, what are ethics? Ethics are defined as moral principles that govern a person or group's behaviour. That's great, but what are morals? A person's standards of behaviour or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. That is the first definition. The other is a lesson derived from a story or experience that is decidedly right.

    DEFINITION, ETHICAL - Carrying on, we'll use the term "ethical" loosely. It will mean what is right and just. That may sound set in stone; undeniably black and white in nature. This is not the case. To say what is right is objective. What is wrong? What is justice? What does it mean to be a good person? All of these questions are brought up when thinking of the definition of ethical.

    Each person is an individual with the power to change the future. If all blacks hate whites, the cycle continues. Tension, violence, riots, prejudice, racism, profiling. I think they should work together to make the future brighter. People are people. The resentment shouldn't come from the past. It's a scapegoat for real issues.

    Posted by: rip
  • So somehow white people today are responsible for their ancestors actions?

    White people are as responsible for slavery as black people are for selling their own citizens to white slavers. Even 170 years ago when slavery still existed, most white people didnt even own slaves. The majority of slaves were held by the wealthy. To say all white people are responsible is ridiculous and to hold resentment against them even more so. It happened and its over. Get over it

  • Let it go.

    All the slaves and slave owners are long gone. This happened long ago to and because of people that no longer exist. Nobody here even personally knows any of them because they died before we were born. It is not like we don't know that it happened as everyone is taught about it in history classes. We have also learned from past mistakes like this so as not to repeat the same thing.
    I know that in the decades that followed, it had been a long hard road for black people to be seen as equals. There are even a few pockets of people who still cling on to racial hatred, on both sides. One thing that is not helping is more and more slave related movies. Every time a new one comes out, it always stirs up issues that should be as dead as those involved. After they come out, black people that watch them tend to look at white people like they had something to do with it. Sure, maybe some of their ancestors but the ones they look at with such disdain had nothing at all to do with it. Let it go.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I do not think Blacks should hold anger against Whites for slavery because slavery occurred all over the world and slavery are not the only reason they should hold the angers but also discrimination, inequality about law systems. Resentment does takes a long period of time to deal over with and they should let it go because it won't do much in benefits.

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