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  • No, women should wear what they want without scrutiny.

    Women are constantly under attack for their bodies. Blake Lively and other pregnant women should wear whatever is most comfortable for them. Additionally, she is an actress and isn't under any kind of work uniform. We should leave women alone about their fashion choices and instead work on providing more women's health care and opportunities.

  • She can wear whatever she wants.

    Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman's life and she should be able to accentuate her beautiful curves that are about to give life to another human being. All of this body shaming crap is ridiculous and we should let people wear whatever they want and worry about ourselves.

  • She can wear whatever she wants.

    Blake Lively is proud to be pregnant, and she is still beautiful even as her body is growing. Regardless of what she looks like, though, she has the right to wear whatever she wants. I don't understand why people would be even a little bit concerned about the type of clothes that she is wearing during pregnancy.

  • No, I do not think Blake Lively should wear proper maternity clothes.

    No, I do not think Blake Lively should wear proper maternity clothes because it is 2016 and she's free to wear whatever clothes she liked. Lively is a married woman and if her husband Ryan Reynolds is comfortable with what she wears, the general public should not be worried about whether or not she wears maternity clothes.

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