Should Blavy (wearing black with navy) be illegal?

  • Lol its a joke guys.

    Obviously no one is going to ever make wearing black with navy illegal. They're just saying that it's a horrible color combo (and it is by the way). Oh and by the way. To the person that said "Freedom of Speech", I get what you were going for but that's not a good argument. Freedom of expression in clothing is not guaranteed under the First Amendment and clothing restrictions have been set in place by America for centuries. May I remind you that there would literally be police officers on beaches in like the 50s that would make sure the bathing suits of women weren't too short. Finally, I doubt that you looked good in blavy.

  • It looks bad

    No one wants to be caught and embarrassed by wearing bad color combos and look ridiculous! If it is illegal no one will do it anymore and be caught looking like a complete bumb. Because if you act like that no one will like you. Thank me later!
    Have a magical day!

  • Who would enforce?

    Making it illegal would require the establishment of "fashion police". Or fashion statues. Neither fit a proper use of the law. Social norms may prevail, But never rise to the level of a legal violation. Laws are intended to prevent harm, And no harm would result from "incorrect" color schemes.

  • Classic Colors - Timeless Elegance

    Black and Navy are two classic colors that are the cornerstones of a well-dressed woman's wardrobe. These colors can stand alone, Or combine well with other neutrals. They even go well with a pop of colors such as lime green, Royal purple, And even pink! Those who are against wearing black and navy blue together do not understand what timeless elegance is all about but focus on trends and ridiculous rules set by modern fashion magazines who will come up with anything to stay relevant.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Everyone knows the first amendment rights; freedom of the press, Religion, To petition the government, Of peaceful assembly, And freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is also interpreted as a freedom of expression, Which also correlates to dress. If you want wear "blavy" (Never, Ever heard of this before. . . . ), Go right ahead. It is illegal to be denied wearing that. I think I have, Actually. It does not look bad. If you find true friends, They won't care what you wear! It looks fine. To Moms_Basement_since_1985, If you are as smart as you say, I'm going to assume you know that pointless divisions like racism to nothing to help society, Or your mind, Which, Clearly needs help. Also, Your IQ apparently doesn't correlate to your spelling, Grammar, And punctuation, All of which are atrocious. Also, Any middle schooler knows what you're talking about. Just going to put that out there. :)

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