• Let’s include the blind not exclude

    In America as paper bills are all the same size it can be very hard to tell them apart if you have low vision or are blind, in Australia where I am from we have braille on our $5 nite although most of our money don’t have braille I hope one day we do in the future, also our notes gets bigger as the value of the notes gets bigger but I believe the only people that would be upset about this are people who like ripping off blind people

  • Blindness Should Be Considered in American Currency Design

    A significant portion of the US population is blind. These blind citizens often are able to lead independent lives which requires having the ability to "see" their money. Adding a Braille element to US currency would allow blind people to have the ability to transact monetary exchanges without having to include a trustworthy person (who would act on the blind person's behalf) as part of the transaction.

  • It's simply to help.

    Yes, blindness should be a consideration in the design of American currency, because it is very easy to design currency to be able to be identified blind. Some countries use holes in the middle for certain currency. Other countries use raised bumps or ridges around the edge. This is a small thing we could do that would help a lot.

  • Blindness is Important Too

    In my opinion, the current US dollar system does not take into account those who suffer from partial or complete blindness. A person who cannot see if unable to tell what denomination of currency he or she is even holding. I believe that there should be some sort of braille on the note to help these people. This just seems like the right thing to do.

  • No, blindness should not be considered in the design of American currency.

    The blind are unfortunately dependent upon other people or a seeing eye dog for help. It is a sad situation to find oneself in but changing the US currency for a certain group will start a chain reaction of small groups asking for change. This would be like changing the national anthem because the def can't appreciate it.

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