Should blizzard sue valve for copying their game overwatch with team fortress 2?

  • They must do it,

    Team Fortress 2 was released in 2077 and Overwatch in 2016, Team Fortress 2 is obviously a copy, It copies the humanoid characters, The use of weapons that use ammo.
    I hope Blizzard makes a sue to this unhonored people, They copied Overwatch ideas and they want to get with it.

  • You guys are missing the point

    Valves game actually didn’t come first. When blizzard was making overwatch valve looked at the game and had secret access to the game and stole the ideas and put them into team fortress 2 and gave a much earlier dumbed down version with all the modes anyone wanted while overwatch had to rush the project

  • Yes they should totally sue

    Valve obviously stole blizzards ideas and mechanics and made a much simpler game of overwatch which was called team fortress 2 when the less advanced version came out everyone immediately got their hands on it not even bother to checking out overwatch when it came out due to tf2 being out first. Therefore blizzard should sue for legal damages

  • Obvious troll post.

    Team Fortress 2 was created ages ago. Overwatch is BASED OFF TEAM FORTRESS 2, Not the other way around.

    If anything, VALVe could sue Blizzard for Overwatch.

    Overwatch plays drastically different than Team Fortress 2 though, So there wouldn't be much of a case. If Overwatch was just snazzy and fancy Team Fortress 2, I'd be playing it instead of TF2. . . But I'm not, Because in MY OPINION it's garbage.

  • The answer is simple:no.

    Team Fortress 2 has been around for 13 years, While Overwatch has been around for 6 years. Sure, They may have the same premise;you play as a bunch of people with special abilities, Capture points, And so on and so forth, However the one thing that separates them is the setting these games take place in. Team Fortress 2 takes place in a retro kinda setting, While Overwatch takes place in a futuristic kinda setting. I wouldn't say TF2 ripped off Overwatch, Because that would be stupid. And Overwatch was inspired by Team Fortress 2. An actual ripoff would be either Final Combat or Heroes Of Warfare, Which are pretty much unoriginal on their own. It's would be stupid for Blizzard to sue Valve, As TF2 came out before OW, And then OW was released 8 years after TF2. So no, Blizzard would make the wrong move suing the company behind the inspiration for their game.

  • My god, You guys don't even know how to use google. . .

    TF2 came before overwatch you big dum-dum's. Overwatch came out in 2015 and TF2 came out in 2007- even before the creation of Iron Galaxy, Blizzard's partner in making Overwatch. Overwatch, As every team-based multiplayer first person shooter that came after 2007, Took inspiration from Tf2 rather than the opposite.

  • Yall seriously stupid

    Tf2 came out before overwatch. They didn't copy overwatch. So check dates before you sound stupid. Also, There are plenty of hero shooters in the world, Overwatch didn't think of the idea first, Neither did Tf2. Seriously some of you are stupid. Calm down. Overwatch is also dead so theres also that. .

  • Probably not, Assuming time travel isn't a thing.

    Haha trolling go brrr.

    For the record, In case anyone is actually retarded enough to think this is real, Try opening the wonderful site known as 'Wikipedia', Or, To our more geriatric readers, 'The Googles'. Excluding the possibility of time travel by either party, We can assume that overwatch, Being the latter of the two to be released, Borrowed some features from tf2, Rather than vice versa.

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