• Human Curated Selection

    All online movie streaming services use algorithms to assume your interest and do not make their full selection obviously available to you through casual browsing.

    Blockbuster stores, Even if you're going in to select just movies to watch, Scan to have opened at a streaming service at home, Allow for you to have a curated selection of everything to physically browse through. They can adjust their model to be more like Apple genius bar.

    Instead of just some shlub retail employee, The employees can be hired because they're movie buffs and can discuss their selections with you and help you find something to enjoy.

    A human curated selection and a human interface with the ability to buy all the snacks and fun stuff you can imagine for a movie night with the family.

  • Brings Back Reality

    I have Hulu, NETFLIX, and Amazon accounts online. I'm a person who likes to go out with my family. I eat dinner with my family every night, unless there it's softball and baseball season. I can't stand it when I go to restaurants and a couple is not engaged in conversation, but they are both looking at their smart phones or any other device. I like to socialize like normal human beings. I appreciate technology, but it's a better day when I used to walk into a block buster video store and walk around the store and pick out a movie. We enjoy that, they kids can go to their section and my wife and I can go to ours. I have also found that on NETFLIX, HULU, and amazon movies like blood in blood out, Balboa are not there. Those are two for sure that I know that they don't have that I have tried to search for. I can certainly buy it, if I wanted to but if there was a local block buster, I can almost bet they would have both.

  • People Loved Us

    I Know That Now It's easier To Stream A Movie Rather Than Going To A Rental Store To Grab It. But In The Long Run, Our Customers Enjoyed Seeing A Familiar Face That Knew Exactly What They Wanted To See, Red Box And Netflix Are Limited On A Lot Of Things That Blockbuster Had. So In The Long Run Even Though It Seems Out Of Date, It's Still Practical For Many People

  • No, blockbuster should not come back.

    Blockbuster has gone the way of the polaroid pictures. It had a time where it was very successful in the renting of movies. Now with the ability to stream movies and shows and the ability to have them sent by mail to your house directly, blockbuster has no place. There are also places like Redbox which costs less than blockbuster did and don't even require an employee to sell their wares. Blockbuster should stay away.

  • Blockbuster's Business Model Led them to Bankruptcy

    The only way Blockbuster can come back is for it to change its business model. Customers driving to a store filled with media may have worked twenty years ago, but in an age when consumers fine it more convenient to download content online, it is impossible to compete. Blockbuster failed to innovate as its business model was dying and its market share was disappearing. Without innovation, the company was doomed.

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