• Blockbuster should come back

    I have good memories here with my family as a kid. I remember when my dad would bring me and my siblings here and wed go running around looking for the movies and video games we liked the best. It offers a better experience then Netflix ever has, And I think kids during these modern times should have the same experience.

  • Need blockbusters back

    I miss so much going in to a black busters with my mom and sister when I was younger and picking a couple of films, Getting some snacks, Then getting in and putting a pizza in the oven and putting a film on. It was my fave time of the week going in to blockbusters to pick a film I miss it so much plus UK Netflix is shit and you’d get more of the newer films in a blockbusters than you do on UK Netflix. Also just being able to hold the actual film it’s a whole experience really instead of flicking through films online.

  • We need blockbuster back

    Netflix and hulu are cool, But for me, The feeling of opening a brand new dvd is like an orgasm. Netflix and hulu do not have a huge variety of movies. Block buster is good because blockbuster is great. This is like one of the most iconic things in the world

  • Yes blockbuster is great i worked for 11 blockbusters over the years

    Block buster is a great place for family and friends to go and pick out movies and to rent video games that was the place to go for all movies a little high but that can all ways be fixed and i was a gold card member block buster sounds great bring it back make family time fun again

  • Yes most definitely.

    When Blockbusters were around my dad and I would always make a point to spend quality tie picking out movies and snacks if not every week the every other. Now that its all streaming it seems like we can never agree on something to watch and if we do then its just sitting at home never getting to talk to others and maybe get a new perspective on a movie or even random topics we just happen to be talking about. Please come back Blockbuster i think its safe to say we all miss u.

  • It was fun weekend activity

    Great friday night thing to do was go get a takeaway then go to blockbuster pick q movie and watch at home, Now you aways have to be connected to the internet and stream witch still some are unable to do get out and about step into the light stop being trapped inside

  • Childhood memory's and cheep movie rent

    More options than red box and way more fun riding your bike to the store with your friends and actually walking into the store and picking a stack of movies to binge watch is so much more fun plus it promotes healthy exercise and is something teens can do on their own

  • I love it

    I always came to blockbuster it was my childhood. I miss it and I cry because it's not here and where am I supposed to get DVDs and games the library. Most of the time they don't have some of the movies but blockbuster is like a DVD and game library. I miss it. #BringBlockBusterBack

  • Of course it should!!

    Though online streaming is amazing. Going to a store, holding the box, buying snacks before you check out. Its stuff i miss now that its gone. And i have a feeling that in the future, people are going to realize that what they have is gone. So People are gonna bring it back some way or another

  • Blockbuster shop come back

    Please we all love blockbuster just walk in to the shop and buy any dvd you want now I have to search charity shops for months I miss you so much please come back blockbusters was the coolest shop in town the only dvd shop please please please please come back

  • Listen dont hate on me when you see that I said no just read what I have to say

    I loved blockbuster growing up but it coming back is like winning the lottery. Think of it this way, will flip phones ever come back? Heck no... Same concept technology is moving on every who experienced it lived through history. Its gone likely forever but maybe some wierdo will create a time machine and fix this ordeal or maybe im being crazy. Point is we will always love you blockbuster and we hope you come back but its unlikely

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