Should blocking public roads and sidewalks or entrances to buildings for protest be legal

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  • Im not against protesting, but if your protest is intruding on anothers rights, then thats not okay

    Considering that public roads and sidewalks, along with public buildings are a right people have to enter. By getting in their way, you are just using brute force. Sure, freedom of speech and expression is intruding on no ones rights, and is perfectly fine. But when you start intruding on peoples rights to public area's you are just becoming a tyrant, and acting unjustly.

  • It's against civil rights

    To block access to something is beyond protesting. If you look at kidnapping, they restrict your movements. Protesters not allowing you to exercise your right to move about unimpeded are restricting your movement. The protestors should be liable for any damages caused to employers from their workers not being able to go to work. The city is also responsible if they fail to enforce laws that protect all citizens.

  • What if it blocks an ambulance

    And leads to someone dieing. How would you feel if a protest road block lead to close family or friend dieing? How would you feel if you were the protester? Say an ambulance rushing to a heart attack victim gets delayed for 10-15 minutes. Although unlikely it is always a possibility

  • Your right to protest does not override my right to passage

    It's simple. If your gathering is blocking any public property that would typically be a throughway for foot or vehicle traffic, then you are offending others' right to free passage on that public property. Your right to free speech and assembly can EASILY be accomplished without offending the rights of others.

  • Fight the government not the people

    Revolutionaries like pancho villa, Zapata and Che didn't fight the people they caught the government. Blocking streets hurts working people not government. The government likes when protesters block streets and stop people from working not keeps the people divided and angry at each other. Divide and conquer. It's time for the masses to unite and start taking control of our own lives. We are not cattle who need to be corralled. Disband government and let people rule

  • I think not.

    It harms civilians daily life in so many ways. And even in Turkey protest about ethnical and related to Syria is very dangerous. I have tuition and arriving and leaving to tuition we the students, are very scared and one of friend was almost killing. We also have right to be safe. And government is not enough as usual.

  • They Should not. It creates a burden for everyone else.

    I have no problem with having a protest in the street if they have the correct permits that allow them to do so. But there is a problem when people decide to block streets, building entrances, and sidewalks illegally. For instance, a protest goes on with out authorization and it ends up blocking buildings, streets, and whatnot. People can't get to and from work, school, etc. You are blocking streets that emergency services use which could end up killing people( say an ambulance rushing to a heart attack victim gets delayed for 10-15 minutes). Also, there is another problem when people decide to damage and loot stores and other businesses, flip cars, and set fires.

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