Should "Blood Doping" and Erythropoietin (EPO) Use Be Accepted in Sports?

  • Yes, they should be.

    The thing is that everyone is doing it and people love seeing the people that are doing it. If someone is willing to ruin their body by doing these things to gain some money that is there prerogative. Even if they are doing either of these things they still have to possess skill.

  • No. i do not believe "Blood Doping" and Erythropoietin (EPO) use should be accepted in sports.

    No. i do not believe "Blood Doping" and Erythropoietin (EPO) use should be accepted in sports, because I don't believe that doping should be allowed in sports in general. Letting someone cheat in professional sports, when there are noble people who work hard, and do things the honest way is extremely unfair. It should not be allowed.

  • No, they shouldn't be

    Allowing the use of such things in sports directly gives a disadvantage to athletes uninterested in using it. What kind of position is that to put them in, use these substances or you'll never be at the top of the pack? We need to do things to discourage use, not give up and say it's fine.

  • No Drugs In Sports

    I do not believe the "blood doping" or EPO's should be accepted in sports. I believe all drugs should be banned for professional athletes. Athletics should be about the healthiest and most adept humans that follow the proper training methods, not damaging ones. People utilizing these drugs are trying to get ahead, but I consider there tactics to be a form of cheating. They don't set a good example for adults or children of this world.

  • No, cheating is not acceptable.

    Blood doping should not be accepted in sports. This is a blatant form of cheating. It takes away from the competition in athletics. Not everyone can afford to be a blood doper. This will keep low income athletes from being able to make it in professional sports. It is a bad idea.

  • No it should not be accepted.

    They should not allowing Blood Doping or Erythropoietin in sports because although technically it is not a drug, it does give athletes and unfair advantage against others. Anything that gives an upper hand to someone in a sport should not be allowed as it is not their own natural ability to do something.

  • Let's keep it fair

    Player enhancements through drugs should not be allowed, as it is an unfair advantage. Why should these be allowed? If they were, the matches would eventually become about which drug product will ensure a player or teams victory, not about their actual abilities and talent. We need to keep a level playing field.

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