• Kids should not play bloody sports they should be band

    Do you really want your child to come home with scars all over their face a missing tooth or even blood I believe that these harmful sports should be band. Bloody sports should be band from sports. If you think I am wrong there is a problem. It SHOULD BE BAND!!

  • Blood sports should be banned.

    Blood sports are barbaric and should not be practiced. There is no reason why a modern culture should have this kind of sport. There are a lot of other forms of entertainment. People can also watch fake blood sports in movies and on television. There is no need for actuall blood sports.

  • We are setting bad role models for posterity.

    As we support the legitimacy of blood sports, we are telling our offspring that we are in favour of violence. Obviously, if this continues, we will inject our children and grandchildren with the bloodshed scenes, which accounts for the rise in criminals in recent years. They all originate from the brutal childhood that predecessors are nurturing.

  • 2 consenting adults

    Blood sports should not be banned from the world, unless its specifically due to people being coerced into it. Blood sports are undertaken in largely controlled circumstances with regulations in place, and any of these acts undertaken by two adults legally allowed to make the decision to do so should not be banned.

  • All sports involve blood

    If you ban all sports that involve blood, then any time a soccer play gets a bloody nose, or a football player breaks his arm, then they would be banned too. If the sport being debated is fighting (such as MMA), then still no. People have the right to fight if they want to.

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  • It's your choice

    It is your choice weather or not you want to enter this sport. It is also your decision on wether or not you are going to watch it. Boxing and mma are both controlled events with trained referees these men and women also respect the sport and most handle it in a mature manner.

  • It's their choice

    It is the publics choice to watch or participate in a blood sport or any sport for that matter. If you do not like it than don't watch it. I personally like blood sports. MMA is pretty good show in my opinion. My point is if you don't like it don't watch it.

  • Don't be stupid

    You can't ban boxing and wrestling, just because some crying liberal deuces don't like it.
    That's weak. Actually, that's GAY :D

    I learned to defend myself by boxing with the older kids in my street. In the beginning, I just got beat up a lot, but today, I fear nothing!

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