• Blood Sports a Bloody Hell

    Blood sports are a type of sadistic entertainment. Animals are forced to fight each other to death literally. What's wrong about this is that this isn't what the animals themselves intend to do. Humans force this to happen and enjoy the results. They smile and laugh while the animals bleed and cry internally, fighting to keep their own life. This is being cruel to animals and having pleasure from harming others' being.This is known as Animal Cruelty.You ,yourself reading this, may enjoy viewing Blood Sports,but, keep in mind the way how you might feel if you were one of those animals fighting. How would you react to someone harming you to harm another, with no good reason at all. Just for laughs. Just for "Fun". How "Fun" would it be to die slowly because of harming to please others?

  • Do you actually know what blood sports are?

    Blood sport is the killing of one animal by another for the entertainment of humans. It has nothing to do with TV or all the other nonsense of the other three contributors before me. If consenting people want to hurt and maim each other, then so be it. Not my idea of fun but some may like it. Making animals rip each other to bits so you can have fun is not quite comparable.

  • Blood Sports Should Be Banned

    Yes, blood sports should be banned in the US as such displays of real physical violence may incite others to violence. Unlike video games which often feature fake displays of violence, blood sports display real people hurting other real people in very violent manners. This may desensitize its audience to violence and make them more predisposed to violent outbursts themselves.

  • Our decision to chose.

    Blood sports should not be banned because it is our way of entertainment. We take from predecessors, the Romans we took from their sport of fighting to the death in the coliseum, we take after this by having people fight in the octagon which is UFC. People who watch these sports find them really interesting to watch.

  • its our choice

    Its our choice as adults to decide what to view as far as what entertains us. If we watch a card game, fine. If we watch someone getting beaten up, fine. Its a matter of personal preforence. Who is anyone to tell me that what I choose to view is right or wrong?

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