• Blood sports should definitely be banned.

    It is inhumane.Animals are living creatures and don't deserve to be used as a form of entertainment,especially one that involves bloodshed.In addition, most injured animals after each fighting are thought to be ignored or treated disrespectfully,which leads to their death. It is not only barbaric, but can also damage the psyche of the viewers and lead to violent behavior.

  • Bloodsports Are Too Brutal

    Most bloodsports should be banned in the United States and elsewhere. These sports are too brutal for people to endure, and nobody should enjoy watching such events. Bloodsports have been around for quite some time, and they won't disappear anytime soon, but they shouldn't exist at all in today's world.

  • Bloodsports should definitely be banned.

    Bloodsports should be banned for several different reasons.First of all there is enough violence in society without adding to it.Second,and probably most important of all bloodsports are a bad influence on children who see them similar to any other sports and look to the participants as types of sports heroes.

  • Yes, generally speaking bloodsports should be banned because they glorify violence.

    Sports that emphasize and specifically cause bloodshed should be banned as they may injure or kill the participants, and they glorify violence and bloodshed. Sometimes the participants in bloodsports are not even consenting, such as bloodsports done with animals or slaves. In order to protect these people and stop fostering a society that loves violence, these sports should be banned.

  • Part of culture

    T h I s Is. A. P.A r t O f O u r H e r I t a g e A n d O u r C u l t u r e A n d S h o u l d N. O. T Be b a n n e d

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