Should Bloomberg ban Hersheys and Nestle baking chocolate?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • I'd be infuriated

    Yes for happy. No for infuriated. To me those are my favorite sweet snacks of all. Which is funny because they're originally meant for baking. I guess it's similar to cheese. Not originally meant to be a snack, but a topping on sandwiches. But can also be eaten a snack. I guess I love that the most. Anyways, Bloomberg has banned soda in NY. I can imagine him wanting to do this. When does it end with him?

  • Chocolate is what I live on

    Baking chocolate is a little bliss. That's all I ask for each day. Those little pieces of deliciousness are all that keep me alive. No one should have the choice to take away this delicious piece of awesomeness. I think that anyone who thinks that he could can not be apart of America.

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