• Yes, some of Mayor Bloomber's reforms should be reversed by Mayor de Blasio.

    As a microcosm of New York City, you need only to look at City Hall. Once Bloomberg was out of office, they again began stocking the vending machines with chips and candies. Some of the health reforms were imposed on an unwilling populace "for their own good". Mayor Bloomberg epitomized the "Nanny State", and Mayor de Blasio can win some easy political points by reversing the most egregious examples.

  • Undo the reforms

    Bloomberg's reforms should be undone by the current New York City mayor but that probably will not happen. Some of the reforms that the previous mayor put in place did not work out well for the city. All the city leaders usually go along with the mayor with the ideas that he proposes.

  • Mayor de Blassio should unravel Mayor Bloombergs reforms

    I believe it is a new era for New York city politics. With the former two mayors there have been many reforms made, I feel to make news and be contriver al. Thank goodness for Mayor de Blassio because I do not feel he is after this kind of publicity. He should unravel Bloomberg's large soda ban and other ridiculous laws.

  • De Blasio already did one

    That is the only reason I agreed to this argument. De Blasio stopped the controversial stop and frisk law. He is the new major now and was elected by the people. If he sees something that he thinks is problematic, then it is his prerogative to address the issue. He is the one who is going to have to face the voters during the next election.

  • No, Mayor de Blasio should not unravel Bloomberg's reforms.

    I do not think there are any reason for Mayor de Blasio to unravel any of the reforms that were created by Bloomberg while he was in office. I think that those policies worked and were not negative for the people of New York City. Mayor de Blasio should instead focus on new policies.

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