Should BMW find a new distributor for their airbags due to the number of recalls for airbag problems?

  • Of course..Get rid of Takata.

    Takata is a shitty company...Always has been. Only a fool would drive a vehicle with any of their products installed.
    BMW has know for years about these airbag issues but installed them anyway because they are approx. 40% cheaper than the next largest competitor. Now, innocent victims are paying the price with death or horrible injuries.

  • BMW Airbags and Recalls

    When a great number of airbags causes a recall, then the manufacturer might have to consider a new distributor. Right or wrong, BMW might have to consider the marketing power of having another person to blame, unless a reasonable explanation or solution absolves BMW of the necessity for the airbag recall.

  • Yes, they should find someone new

    BMW should definitely look for someone else to distribute their airbags. Any time you have a issue with a product, and you find out that there is a issue with something in particular. You need to do what you can to fix it and considering there has been this much of a issue they need to find someone new.

  • If it's broke, fix it.

    Why would a company not want to look into changing where a product is coming from if it is endangering their customers and lowering their sales. It is costing them money and time and customers that were loyal to their brand may want to change cars just upon hearing of all the recalls. Keep your customers safer and happier and they'll stay with you for life.

  • No, BMW does not need a new distributor for their airbags.

    Due to the high number of recalls on airbags for BMW does automatically require them to find a new distributor. BMW can assess the issue with their current distributor and if they are unable to come to meaningful solution (i.e., fix the airbag problems), then BMW may move onto a new distributor.

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