• I think there should be body scans at airports

    I think body scans at airports should be mandatory because it's a lot more easier than having someone pat you all over to see if you're carrying a bomb or a gun that you might use in the airport or on a plane. This concludes my personal and overall opinion about this subject.

  • They seem effective

    I've certainly had a few experiences with the TSA that make me not their biggest fan, but I haven't found these as invasive as some people allege them to be. If this is deemed the best way to find any dangerous things on a person in the interest of safety, then so be it. As flawed and at times outright hostile as I've found the TSA to be, these specifically I don't have much of a problem with.

  • Body scans should be used at airports.

    Body scans are a new feature that has been making its way through many airports. Now people worry about this because they might think it will do something bad to their body but I dont believe that the airports would take such a risk if that were the case, no one wants to be involved in a law suit. Also, using a body scanner is much faster getting through security than getting pat down.

  • No Body Scans

    Why is there body scans I think that the body scans should be banned because they are annoying are the not people could have a metal plate in there hand and walk in the body scan and they get detained don"t they. Well it happens to my dad all the time.

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