Should Boehner have consulted the Obama administration before inviting Netanyahu to address Congress about Iran?

  • He's not in charge

    If Boehner wants to run for president, he can invite all the foreign officials he wants to the US. But for the speaker of the house to invite a controversial foreign leader to talk about a highly sensitive deal over nuclear enrichment between the US and a nation the invited leader hates is wrong. Inviting Netanyahu to speak on Iran in the middle of these deals is like the police chief of Ferguson inviting the KKK to talk to the force. Probably not a great way to help negotiations go smoothly.

  • Yes, I think So.

    Yes I think that Boehner should have consulted the Obama administration before inviting Netanyahu to address Congress about Iran. I think they should have figured it out together and made sure they were both on the same page before anything was done/said. But what now is done is done and I hope they will think smarter next time.

  • Boehner should have consulted Obama.

    The Obama administration should always be consulted about foreign affairs. Inviting the Prime Minister of another country to speak to congress is a big deal. No one should have been doing that without asking first. It makes the U.S. Government look bad if foreign officials are invited and the president wasn't consulted first.

  • Boehner Should Stay in His Lane.

    John Boehner is neither Secretary of State nor President of these United States. Extending an invitation to a foreign leader (Netanyahu) to speak to congress about a country that said leader does not even represent (Iran) is well outside of the scope of his jurisdiction as speaker of the house.

  • Boehner had no obligation to consult the Obama administration concerning the Netanyahu Congressional address about Iran

    Obama has consistently failed to address hardly anyone about his presidential agenda. It's also clear that the Obama administration probably would have been dismissive towards the issue. We owe our allies the support that we've given them through the years. It's highly likely that this support would not have been offered if it were left up to the Obama administration alone.

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