Should books be considered better than television for children?

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  • Books open up a world of discovery

    To read can expand one's own imagination as mentioned above. Not only does reading a book open up a world of endless adventure, but it also paves the way for a journey of self discovery. By reading one centres themselves in the story and begins to discover who they are in this story. We are naturally story tellers and by reading we develop that skill of increasing our vocabulary to be able to express ourselves. Thus language is enhanced through reading and reading promotes critical thinking as one begins to search for the truth in a story.

  • In general, sure.

    Television has some good merits, especially educational public broadcasting, and it's much more engaging and exciting for kids. That said, books are probably better... they're more descriptive, deep, and teach kids about nuance that is important for learning life skills and having deep insights about the world. They also improve the ability to describe things.

  • Television cannot replace book

    Books are good for children than television. A book open for children a new word. There are many channels and programs on TV and some of them are not suitable for children. As a result, it is very hard to control what the child is watching. What is more, reading book develop children's mind. For example, when reading the book "ALICE IN WONDERLAND", a child can image the wonderland in the book, think about the flowers, house, animals,... In contrast, they cannot image about that world when watching it on TV as everything is already shown. Moreover, watching TV may create some bad effects such as obesity or short-sighted.

  • Books Expand the Mind

    I'm not going to say that TV is the devil or anything but here is the thing. With a book, you have to think more. You have to get creative. With a TV, you don't really have to do much thinking. Again, not saying TV is evil but books are so much better when it comes to teaching.

  • Reading's benefits for kids

    Children can only learn so much from just watching TV. Reading helps children learn new words, advance their reading level which would help them do better in school. Currently, the USA has pretty low scores in math, science, english, and history, in comparison to other nations around the world. Reading also is proven to help children become empathetic. The kids today will be our world's leaders tomorrow. Reading is a great way for kids to learn and become the leaders that they will need to be one day.

  • Books are cheaper and portable informative material easily available for information.

    I consider books provide trustworthy information and guide us in a proper manner. We are left to make our decisions thereafter thinking over the reading done and learned from the authors given and shared experiences. Children just not need to waste their time on fake and doubtful information provided by anonymous people through television. Children should not be misguided through such informations

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  • Books are great but just like TV not all reading is equal.

    My friend likes to rag on me because I am a TV enthusiast and I have been letting my daughter watch TV since birth. I would put her in her Pack N Play or Exosaucer and put on a baby Einstein video whilst I cook or shower. Her child never watched TV.

    My child knows her Alphabet, can spell and recognize her own name written on paper, can write most of her 7 letter name all by herself correctly, and can count to 20 ...All this at only two and a half years old. Her child is five years old and can barely recite her abc's, can't count to 20, and can't write her own name correctly half the time. My child is not a genius and her child is not learning impaired.

    However, I used books and TV to teach while she used book to entertain. I point out and sound out words when I read to my child and I ask my child critical thinking questions about the TV shows she is watching. I might ask her to remember what came first or last in the show or ask her who her favorite character is or what she learned (i.E. What was the letter or number of the day on sesame street).

    It's like anything else, it's all about how you use it. If you only let your kid watch garbage TV or read comics and never use them as tools for the expansion of the mind than you can't blame TV for making your kid dumb. TV and books are just tools you are the builder.

    I'd take an educational TV show and parental involvement over cartoon style books used for entertainment only, any day of the week.

  • Who would have thought I would take this position.

    I'm a staunch bookworm. I can't get asleep if I don't read something -and sometimes I get hooked on until dawn. I rarely ever watch TV. Like many, I have satellite with a zillion channels, yet oftentimes I browse through the list without finding anything remotely interesting.

    And yet I refuse to say that there's something inherently better in books than in TV. Both are media. Their appeal is different: books require only one sense (sight) with pretty much undivided attention, and save for some crazy experimental works, have a linear structure. TV engages eyes and ears, can be temporarily tuned out without losing much, and while we watch it linearly in time, the way the action moves does not have to be. Children who can't yet read can watch and understand TV, which is a definite advantage for early development. That's all as far as I can tell.

    I was raised during a transition time, when TV was not ever present (either as entertainment or as an education tool), so I was raised on books and that's my preference today. But then again, I don't see why should books be better for children per se. A lot of books, adult and children's, are utter trash -sadly, I have a few in my own library. To some extent, because the history of written media goes so far back in time, we have been able to weed out a lot of the worst literature, so we keep a selection of precious few "classics": asking the same of TV would be unfair, since it is too recent.

    I'm not saying that every awful TV show deserves to be compared to the masterworks of literature: all I'm saying is, there's no reason why TV has to be inherently worse than books for children.

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themohawkninja says2013-10-25T19:46:58.683
Depends on how the child learns best.