Should books be replaced by e-books in schools?

Asked by: Skt1Faker
  • They are better for students.

    Students have universal access to everything, And they are never out of stock and no wait on shipping. Plus, They are environmentally friendly and a lot easier to transport. Also there is more non-fiction to read, And teachers can give students the right book that students need. For these reasons, Students need eBooks.

  • Makes the children interested to study

    E - books are the best way to motivate the children to study . Children will think it is an interesting gadget and engage themselves into it . It also eliminates the burden of carrying heavy bags on your back . Hence , books should be replaced by E -books in school.

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  • Tetbooks are freaking HEAVY.

    We are only able to go to our lockers at breaks. There are three classes in between those breaks so we need books for those three classes. Every class has at least one textbook and a notes folder. Then there are workbooks and reference books and hardbacks and copies for various purposes. I'd love to be able to use ebooks if only to save my back.

  • I totally approve this idea

    I think that using e-books readers has a lot of benefits,they are attracting,providing an adjustable size of text so reading in these support is more comfortable and more encouraging than papers.
    In addition to that,if humanity think seriously about the environment,combining these kind of reading supports with some renewable energy techniques will reduce our needs of tree wood,so we will protect thousands of trees all over the world.

  • Yes & no but mainly yes for it all depends

    If the children have the skills on how to navigate e-readers then let eBooks replace traditional books. The reason i say this is because we dont want to put another layer of learning for our children. They have to learn how to use a e-reader then start reading.

    We definitely are slowly moving towards e-books anywhere, the publishers and authors make way too much money so let.

  • Tablets are Unhealthy

    I have personal experience with the tablet-focused way of education. Because we were forced to use iPads for such long periods of time, We often received bad headaches, Eyestrain, As well as dry-eye. In addition, Numerous studies have proven that the excessive use of tablets is very unhealthy, Having long term effects as well (such as worse and worse vision over time). IPads also affect the brain; they badly affect grey matter, White matter, And cortical thickness, Among other areas.

  • I totally disagree with the idea

    E books have many benefits but their disadvantages can't be ignored.
    It can lead to a weak eyesight. They are too expensive to buy for those who struggle for their school fees,etc. . Students can watch irrelevant videos,play games during the class that can ruin a child's mind. So, textbooks should not be replaced by e books

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  • E-books carries out a number of disadvantages along in terms of expenses to buy technological stuffs and leading to poor eyesight for a long term.

    First, getting access to e-books might more or less mean one should get access to a technological device i.E. IPad, Notepad. This will bring in a large amount of spending for those materials while some devices might cost up to more than a thousand dollars. This might not be a problem to a high class students but how about those who are striving hard for their school fees, uniform, research, and other means of academic purpose already? Some people might still have to ague that even a student does a research, he or she needs to go through some kinds of Internet access too, but have u ever thought that getting all books installed in that kind of technology might not provide enough access to the student if he or she just goes to Internet cafe? He or she still needs to buy a stuff to be able to read the materials whenever he/she at home, at canteen, during lunch time, at the pool...Etc. Doesn't it cost u a lot while u can get books from library and borrow some of them to read at home or dormitory? Secondly, having to focus too many times on the screen of that technological reading materials might cause readers poor eyesight. The light from the screen will harm your cornea and bring a problem at a later date in a long term consequence. Recently, there are more and more people wearing glasses in their young ages. In a summary, using e-books shall be considered as additional sources of materials for academic function but cannot be completely replaced books as the e-books not only cause a heavy expense on each individual and social problem in term of health problem with eyesight that might lead to a challenge to both the people themselves and the government as well.

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