Should books like "The God Delusion" be placed alongside Bibles in Georgia state parks?

Asked by: Shabazz
  • If the government is going to display one on public property they must allow all positions.

    The Establishment Clause of our Constitution prevents the government from endorsing one religion, or from playing favorites. By displaying the bible on public property but banning books from other religious positions, the state would be showing unconstitutional favoritism towards a specific religious claim.
    REgardless of what conservative Christians may delude themselves into thinking, this nation is a secular democratic republic, not a theocracy and not a "Christian nation". They need to come to terms with the fact that their beliefs do not deserve and cannot be given special treatment by the government or the public.

  • Religion is a waste

    Religion is a waste of time and resources, we can do without it and we should prevent people from joining religions. Anyone who is religious is weak of mind and soul. They require something to follow and can't make there own decisions. It has caused many wars including the crusades and is the cause of many problems today. This is why this book should be placed next to the bible to deter idiots like everyone on this site from following a false deity.

  • Might as well offer the facts if you're going to spread loads of fiction.

    The reason is simple: The Bible, which is widely distributed as a default, with all of its unsubstantiated stories and implausible, goofy scripture should be balanced by something like "The God Delusion", a sane piece of literature based on science, basic reason, logic and above all evidence. Then people can make an informed decision after reading both, which would make for a more well-rounded and firm stance of one's beliefs and reasoning. However, if "The God Delusion" were not distributed at all, nor equally in the same venues, people's minds will not be subject to intellectual expansion and discovery.

  • The right to know

    The juxtaposition of books does not symbolize the conflict between the two ideologies, it may be ironic but rather silly to ban a book because of its placement. Right wing Christian people might find it frustrating due to their whole conception of context, but the book is placed there for the sake of knowledge rather than conflict.

  • Absolutely not. Are you asking for conflict?

    People should have the option to read both, but placing "The God Delusion" alongside the Bible is just asking for public conflict to happen. One on one discussion about the existence of God is fine. However, since this is displayed in public, it's best to keep the two books separate.

  • Why would they deserve that?

    Richard Dawkins is a cruel and combative atheist author, ht Bible is the holy book of well over a billion people. Yes they both qualify as theology however the God Delusion is not a great theological work but an expose on religion by a biologist. If Georgia wants bibles in their state parks go for it. If they want The Koran, Principa Discordia, The Vedas, The Torah, Tao Te Ching, Analects, etc those would be acceptable to be placed side by side. But not "The God Delusion".

  • The Government should not show preference to any belief.

    Whether it be to a religion or to no religion. Although I am religious, the Government should not place any laws on our books in accordance to one specific belief. That is unconstitutional, and should not be tolerated.

    Both a Bible and "The God Delusion" should be available for access by the people, and should not be censored by Government. But Government should NOT show preference to either.

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