• To preserve cultural identity

    Ask yourself, why do you visit other countries? To experience similarities, or differences and uniqueness? Unique cultures would not exist without borders.

    The security threat currently posed by radical Islam to the entire world is unprecedented and the concept of no borders is unbelievably irresponsible and stupid. How would you ensure security and know who is entering your country and what possible threat they may present? Schengen has been a godsend for those wishing to cause us harm...

  • A nation needs borders

    A nation is given the authority to enact and enforce laws. If there are no boundaries/borders there is no way for the nation to define the limit of the law. If it is to be capable of enforcing the law to ensure good order within the nation they must have a border to know where their jurisdiction and authority lie.

  • Borders are child's play

    How do you think nations are born? Usually through the eradication of indigenous or current occupants and/or changing of leadership. The next step is establishment of authority and the social conditioning of the inhabitants. Then, the defense of the nation/state from anything outside of it's authority, aka other nations/states. As I said social conditioning is an absolute must. You have to make the people believe that their country is worth fighting for, their country is in god's favor, they are on an island of the divine. And if you look deeply, most people in every country believe that theirs is the best, most magnificent. Law is made for the personal preference of each individual country, to suit the leadership, to maintain the status quo. And it is all an illusion. Do you think if there wasn't a thirst for power, the want to dominate, the following of conformity because people are lost and they want someone to lead them, that there would be a country at all; People want security and since they don't really know who they are, they are going to follow an authority. And that authority is born of their fear. So if you want a world that has no borders, where there is a true brotherhood and sisterhood of all people then you need to know yourself and only you can do that... No authority can teach you or lead you. End your conditioning...

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