Should Boris Johnson have been included in Theresa May's new Cabinet as Foreign Secretary ?

  • There needs to be a balance at the top

    Theresa May is against the U.K.'s withdrawal from the European Union, as are many of the members of parliament. Boris Johnson is pro-Brexit, as the media has dubbed the process. It is good that there is something of a balance in government so that no bias forms. Boris Johnson has been seen as something of a lightweight politically and personally, but he may surprise us yet.

  • Yes, he would have been a good choice.

    Theresa May is obligated to pick the best people for the job. Boris Johnson has the right experince and qualifications for the job, and he makes a great pick for the job. His experince, knowledge, and opinions about foriegn relations make him the right person to be Foreign Secretary on her Cabinet.

  • It's time for Boris Johnson to show himself out

    Much attention has been paid to the new Prime Minister of England, Theresa May, and her choices for Cabinet. Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, would not be a good choice. His support of the "Brexit" vote is the last thing England needs in their delicate time of transition.

  • No, there are better options for Foreign Secretary than Boris Johnson.

    In my opinion, Boris Johnson should not have been included as Foreign Secretary in Theresa May's new Cabinet. Although I do believe that Boris Johnson was treated badly by fellow Members of Parliament following the EU Referendum result, I do not think that he is the best choice for the role. He is occasionally less than diplomatic in his speeches and he can be considered brash and bumbling in his parliamentary positions previously. In the role of Foreign Secretary, Theresa May should have appointed somebody less high-profile than Boris Johnson, and somebody who will draw the respect of other foreign ministers and trade partners, rather than their laughter.

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