Should Boston Beer Company (the company that brews Samuel Adams) be considered a craft brewery?

Asked by: Ozzyhead
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  • The word "craft" has become a marketing buzz word that means nothing.

    I keep seeing the words "craft", "custom", or "artisan made" on many food packages and it's complete nonsense. I hate to break it guys, but maybe Samuel Adams might be being a bit disingenuous.

    *GASP* No way! A corporation that "enhances the truth" to sell more of it's own product. That would be impossible. That has NEVER been done before.

    I believe that every Mc Donalds is packed to the brim with professional artisan gourmet craft artist chiefs that make every burger with nothing but love and happiness.

  • I'm very on the fence about this

    I am looking for other beer drinkers to comment. Samuel Adams seems to be in more for the competition than the craft of brewing (which is why this is in the 'arts' section. Brewing is an art). There has been a recent increase in the releases of IPA's by brewing company, and Samuel Adams released a poor excuse for one. I have not personally tried it, but from what I have heard, it is not a good IPA. Also, the company brewed over 2 million barrels of beer, and the Craft Brewing Association set a maximum of 2 million barrels. For a short time, they were no longer considered a craft brewer until the Craft Brewing Association changed the maximum to 6 million barrels of beer. I don't really know.

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