Should bottled water be banned in our local supermarkets?

  • Yes, It should.

    It contains chemicals and low pH levels. Why buy them if we can collect the cleanest water from rain and snow, It has no chemicals nor contaminants. Just make sure the water doesn't touch any surface but anything you have to carry the collected water. It's legal in 46 states.

  • It should be banned in countries where clean water is readily accessible.

    Plastic waste obviously contributes to a huge amount of pollution, So banning the sales of things such as water when they are accessible in a manner that does not create waste will reduce plastic pollution. The carbon emissions required in creating them as well as transporting them to recycling plants (in developed countries, They are generally flown to other countries to be recycled) are also relatively substantial, So reduction of them would be a benefit. If stocking water in shops is for some reason necessary, Selling them in aluminium cans rather than plastic bottles may also be an option.

  • No, There is no reason for it to be.

    Why would anyone argue for this? For those talking about plastic waste we have been using plastic bottles for soda, Juice, Milk, And all sorts of other drinks for decades and no one has suggested banning these. If you're privledged enough to have clean wate that's great but don't assume all other people are as lucky, See Flint, MI along with many other places that have been found to have contaminated drinking water. To suggest that bottled water be banned is as dangerous as it is absurd.

  • Freedom of choice

    Ban this ban that what is wrong with people these days/ did we fight the commies for 50 years to have it imposed by stealth? Maybe that hyperpole but let people decide for themselves lets stop trying to have the government tell people what to do for no good reason, There has to be a good reason and i don't see it here.

  • Flint Water Crisis

    No, Without bottled water, Places without proper drinking water would be in crisis. Take the Flint Water crisis, For example. Without the Bottled Water people took from Supermarkets, The people would have had to drink water that they could VISIBLY SEE THE LEAD IN! That should not be required to drink. That is unfair to the people, And is unfair to those who don't have access to readily drinkable water.

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