• Bergdahl should be punished for desertion

    Bowe Bergdahl seems to have been a deserter. If he did desert than at the very least, he should be dishonorably discharged from the army. He would be lucky to receive that instead of a court marshal. However given his suffering, I think a court marshal might not be warranted. I'm sure the Taliban punished him more than the military justice system ever could.

  • Without a single question.

    After looking into the Bowe Bergdahl issue, I do think he should be given a dishonorable discharge. There is no exchange for human life and him being "traded" for five others to me is completely immoral and uncalled for. He should be removed from the military and never allowed to serve again.

  • Yes, I believe he should.

    If what all the reports are saying is true, then yes, I believe he should be given a dishonorable discharge. Reports say that he left the base at night while unarmed and the Taliban are now reporting that he had harsh words for his fellow American soldiers. I think if all of these reports are true then he is a deserter.

  • No doubt in my mind.

    I understand the idea that no man gets left behind & the idea that everyone sticks together. However, if reports are true and he really did desert his base, he dishonored the entire U.S. Military & should never be permitted to serve again. I really do feel bad for anyone at the hands of the Taliban, but at the same time there is no price you can put on a human life. You don't "exchange" humans with each others. It's just wrong. We may have saved a life, yes, but at the same time who'll be to blame if the members of the Taliban kill hundreds of others? The idea alone of saving one grown mans life, at the expense of hundreds of others (children included) really does upset me.

  • I Believe Bergdahl Will Be Able to Provide Valuable Information

    I believe that Bowe Bergdahl will have a lot of information to provide U.S. Officials about Taliban operations. He was beaten and held captive, so it is completely understandable that he would "agree" to their demands and make it appear that he was their ally in order to preserve his own life.

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