• Yes, boxing should be legal.

    Yes, boxing deserves to be a legal sport. In comparison to Ultimate Fighting and some of the other combat sports, boxing is actually on the tame side, particularly amateur boxing, which features headgear and only awards points when a certain part of the glove strikes the opponent. The training and expertise that go into becoming a boxing champion are worth the physical punishment and the glory in the ring for many.

  • Yes, it should be legal like any other sport.

    Boxing is a sport with a long history of impressive athletes that should not be criminalized. The people who participate do so willingly and consent to the possibility of injury. As long as the participants are of legal age and are fully aware of the risks, boxing should be kept legal.

  • Boxing is a dynamic sport if proper safety techniques are utilized.

    Boxing has been called the sweet science because it combines unique physical gifts with elements of strategy. There are several sports that involve muscular athletes demonstrating their abilities in physical ways. Boxing is just one of those sports. If boxing were to be made illegal, it stands to reason that other violent sports such as football and basketball should also be made illegal.

  • Boxing should not be legal.

    Boxing is a dangerous sport that often results in permanent damage to competitors. Scarring, brain damage and broken bones are common boxing injuries. Not only is this abusive to the human body, but it is expensive. If insurance companies are covering the cost of the injuries, boxing injuries ultimately cost other customers in the form of more expensive premiums. Boxing, therefore, should not be legal.

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