• Yes my Rabbi told me putting girls in boy scouts would be a great idea!

    However he told me Jewish boys and girls should remain separate. Only non-Jews should be co-ed scouts. He said problems like sexual harassment or gender clashes would emerge and is an issue that goes beyond the confines of the organisation. But it is a good idea to make non-Jewish girl scouts and boy scouts into one a good thing.

  • Yes, Boyscouts should be co-ed, But so should girlscouts.

    In my opinion, We should completely revamp both programs. Boyscouts should become "scouts" and be focused on camping, Wilderness survival, And outdoors skills. Girlscouts should become something along the lines of "humanity project" and would help with community service projects in the community.

    Girlscouts and boyscouts, At the moment, Are not interchangeable. Girlscouts. . . Sadly don't do much as they are now. "Eagle Scout" looks great on a resume or college application, But nobody cares about "Gold award. "

    Also, Explorers and Cub scouts have always been co-ed. (Explorers being for teens and young adults, Cubs for very young children. ) It never made much sense for the girls to have to go do something else for the years between explorers and cubs.

    Separate camps and troops could be interesting, And quite possibly work. Maybe the boys and girls troops would do something like "boys go to x in june, Girls go to y in june. Boys go to y in august, Girls go to x in august".

  • It works well in Australia

    Australia has allowed girls into scouting for a long time and it has worked out. Girls and boys can do the same activities and sleep within the same campsite just within separate tents. Scouting needs to be more inclusive and allowing girls into 'boy' scouts is a step in the right direction.

  • Boys need a place to be with boys

    Why is this an argument, Boys need a place to be with just other boys, Just as girls need a place to be with just other girls. There is a reason girl scouts exist. Also, The argument that boys and girls are interchangeable is completely flawed and false. Boys are not girls, They should be able to have time alone. Also the chances of rape from teenage boys and girls camping together would be extremely high.

  • Alternative organizations exist

    There are many reasons that girls shouldn't be allowed in boy-scouts (BS) one of which is that they have girl-scouts (GS) as well as co-ed organizations that allow both (yes i said both, Implying there are 2 genders) genders in. Not only does GS exist, BS is made for boys going through their teen years, Where testosterone is high which would raise the chances for rape. Not only that but the core values of BS is meant for boys only, Yes gender roles exist and i believe they should, If you want a debate contact me and i'll try to debate but my summer will be very busy. The core values for BS are (as an ex boy-scout) the core values state that only boys can be in it, And who would want to destroy the tradition of that (probably the same people who want to take down confederate monuments). But there are alternatives to BS that are 1. Co-ed 2. More specific problem solving 3. More military based. For example, The Civil Air Patrol which i am in currently is more specific in focusing on discipline, Aerospace, Helps people getting their pilot license which the pilot industry desperately needs pilots, And preparing them for military life as well as helping with obesity. So not only would joining the 2 genders in BS increase the rape risk, There are more useful alternatives like the Civil Air Patrol, Which i am in that could be more useful later in life and help people picking their careers. My Civil Air Patrol squadron is actually mainly female. I only addressed some of the reasons, There are plenty more reasons that BS shouldn't be co-ed but i am currently busy so will not be able to address them, So feel free to start a debate with me i'd be happy to have a respectful debate.

  • Fucken hell no

    Fuck all of you political correct pieces of scum

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  • I don't think boy scouts should be open to girls

    Boy scouts and Girl scouts need to stay separate. The reason being is all the restrictions with girls doing certain activities with boys. When camping, Girls will have to stay at a separate campsite. There will be so many problems with boys sneaking out with a girl and doing unknown activities.

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