Should Boy Scouts Change their name to Scouts?

Asked by: MasterBos
  • Girls can do any boys can.

    Why should someone's gender tell them what they can and can't do? Why can't we teach young girls about responsibility and leader ship like they do with boys? If there was a company called "girls dance" they would be expected to change their name as well. Just because boy scouts have been 'boy scouts' for over a hundred years, does not make it right or fair.

  • Silly question to be honest.

    If a girl wants to do scout activities, they can join the girl scouts. A lot of the actual events for these groups include camping together. Bringing girls into the Boy Scouts would only cause issues as you'd likely expect with needing separate tents etcetera. This also ignores the fact there's biological and psychological differences between men and women. Their scouts programs should be more specified to them. Sure, a girl shouldn't have to do cooking class if she thinks she won't need it, but disregarding it as sexist is wrong because it just so happens a lot of women want to have children and it's inconvenient to be out of work doing nothing for 5 months. Not only this, but the Boy Scouts do a lot of the same stuff, it's just when the girls get to do it, people call it sexist.

  • They shouldnt change their name because of "sexism"

    Men and women are not the same and they do not have the same abilities, men can do things that money can't, just like how men make better firefighters and policemen because they can accomplish tasks faster and with more strength. Women also are better at certain tasks but not the same ones as men.

  • Boy Scouts should not change their name

    Many I talk to about this topic say "I am sexist, racist or discriminatory" I would like to just like to state my opinion on a topic I truly care about without being disrupted or yelled at for my own opinion. Girls should not be allowed to join Boy Scouts because for over 100 years Boy Scouts have been teaching young boys about responsibility, leadership traits and being a true American. An American that will do what is needed to do what is right. Just because other organisations like the Girl Scouts are not doing what they promised to do does not mean it is up to the Boy Scout to fix. By the way this is only the surface of what I believe, I am a passionate Eagle Scout.

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