• It couldn't hurt.

    It is easier to make friends in all-boy or all-girl classes. I don't see anything wrong. My mom went to an all-girl school and she is fine and happy with my dad, who went to a coed school. He is fine, too. I think it is okay for separate classrooms.

  • Yes,girls and boys should be taught in separate classrooms.

    Boys and girls should be in different classrooms because when students aren't doing well in a class,they say it's because the opposite gender is "Too distracting",thus the sexist dress code.Also,it's not like girls and boys can't ever see each other or have that needed interaction.All this is is not being taught in the same classroom.The boys and girls can still met up in the hallways,at lunch,in electives,and outside of school.

  • Boys and girls need to be not together

    The reson i think this is important is i am in 6 grade and boys in my grade are not manerd well and also they all stare at girls such as myself .I feel vary strongly about this matter and worst of all boys have cooties and that is gross. Another reson is i think this will improove all boys and girls learning.So what if i am only in 6 grade i am still human and only 12

  • I think boys and girls should be in separate

    My first reason is because some boys and girls feel more comfortable like if a boy is staring at a girl. So that's why you should agree with me on you should put girls and boys in different classrooms. So thank you for listening to me on putting girls and boys in different.

  • Yes, girls and boys should be in separate classrooms.

    I believe that girls and boys should be in separate classrooms, especially at the high school level. I think if boys and girls were separated there would be a lot less competition between the sexes. I think the children would work harder if they were in the same sex classroom because they would not have to worry about impressing the opposite sex.

  • Boys and girls should be in separate classrooms.

    Children should focus on their studies when they are in school. Adolescents are often preoccupied with the opposite sex. Having boys and girls in the same classroom would be a distraction. Many countries separate all students specifically for this reason. Kids can learn to socialize outside of class. School is for studying.

  • I don't think so

    Why would I say no, because girls have a talent, they are more mature than boys, i'm not saying boys are dumb, I'm saying that there less mature then girls. Boys need girls to.. I don't no, stop them from doing immature stuff. So I say no to separate classes

  • Noooo is a bad idea

    If they separate boys and girls from the classroom how they will get married and have a family. The cycle of life will end because the kids that grow up they not know who to work with the other sex because they don't talk to the other sex they don't what they like so mankind is over if all the school do this.

  • They Absolutely should not

    If schools separate boys and girls when they are older, they will not know how to react if they have a job interview and the person who is the interviewer is the opposite sex then they will be uncomfortable with talking to someone who is the opposite sex. They will have to get used being around people of the opposite gender because when it comes to college they are all gonna be together

  • No, they shouldn't!

    Girls and boys will work together later in life, so why not have them be together in school? Also, separating them will increase stereotypical thinking and gender inequality. I think that girls and boys can be friends and they shouldn't miss the opportunity to interact with each other at a young age.

  • No, absolutely not

    If the two genders are separated its like the point of a life cycle would crumble to bits. You meet girls in elementary school. You get your first crush near the the end. You get a girlfriend or boyfriend in middle school. You take relationships farther in high school and then get married in college or later. If the genders are separated(like they already are in some schools like mine which is awful) none of this would happen. Genders would think of each other the wrong way, they wouldn't know how to cooperate(especially important for future jobs) and the students would be happier and healthier if the two genders were in the same class.

  • Claim- Boys and girls learn together and be in the same classroom.

    The Supreme Court declares that the separate education faculties are inherently unequal. Also discrimination is against federal law. Some groups, such as the National Organization for Woman (NOW), say that separating students according to gender is a form of discrimination. Other people say that single-sex classes in public schools might be unconstitutional.

  • No, girls and boys should not be separated in school.

    Boys and girls need to be taught how to work with one another in a regular environment, like school. If we separate them, we are taking away a great opportunity and privilege. It is like saying that men and women in the real world do not live and work together.

  • No, they should not.

    Boys and girls at all ages have shown to be able to work fine in a classroom together. It feels like we would be moving in the wrong direction if we started making it mandatory for girls and boys to be taught separately. We are all equal and should feel like it.

  • They can become friends

    They can have diffrent anwsers they make good friends and can be funny talkitive and helpful and kind and caring and nice and they can care for each other when they are hurt and they make goood friends and can help others with math and science and can help them figer out the anwser

  • No seperate classes

    If boys and girls are in seperate classes then you are taking away there freedom. 1 in 5 boys will say they are not disstracted my the girls bodies and the rest will say that they are mainly just focused on the bodies and not the work they are not just struggling. People think that the boys are struggling but they are not really struggling they are just focused n girls. SO NO THEY SHOULD NOT BE IN SEPERATE CLASSES

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