• Benefits of it

    There Is more learning from boys and girls. If they were separate, Boys and girls wouldn’t get the relationships with boys than with out them. Boys could benefit from the girls by seeing role models and following them. So this is why I say they should not be separated in class.

  • Opinion of people.

    Because boys will be so bad so that why we need to be to gather girls are a lot more smart than boys in math why be because it is so do you get it now i hope you have a good and that it for now good by.

  • There's too much distraction.

    Many students get distracted already by talking with their friends in class. In middle and high school, some students quickly get a boyfriend/girlfriend that is in the same class. Then, for many of those couples, their grades eventually suffer. I think that the era to start getting a boyfriend/girlfriend should start after college graduation.

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