Should boys and girls be on the same sports teams?

  • It really will help

    Children in schools commonly are separated according to gender. For example, girls play volleyball and boys play football \soccer. But why can't girls and boys play soccer \football? Why can't boys and girls play volleyball? Of course I mean, on the team! In most schools boys are the ones that stick to playing and girls stick to staying on the sidelines cheering or playing another sport no one really cares about. If girls and boys alike get to play football or cheer leading it would be much fairer for the children. Some boys like cheer leading but can't do it as it is considered for "girls" and girls can't play football as it is considered for "boys". If children were allowed to be on a mixed sports team it would not only jut fix this problem but also make children feel more open about what they want to do. Therefore, boosting their confidence. Also, children will learn what true teamwork is, working together with someone you might not quite " get". So, to conclude, I think if girls and boys were allowed to be on the same sports teams it would truly not just make it fairer but also benefit them in many different ways.

  • This is wrong

    NO. Because when guys and girls get older the guys get bigger and stronger and the girls don't get as strong. Like in wrestling guys get stronger faster and the girls don't strong as fast and lag behind and cant keeps up. And in track guys are just built for speed.

  • There are reasons for separation

    While I do agree that it's a bit unfair that certain sports/activities are boy or girl exclusive, I don't think that boys and girls should be on the same sports teams. Whether we like it or not, there are biological differences in boys and girls, from physique to mentality. It wouldn't be fair, for instance, if one team at a game had mostly girls and another had mostly boys. There are set reasons why there are boy teams and girl teams for school sports, and I think it's perfectly justified.

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