• YES! Why? Or Why not?

    Girls and Boys have different talents, Different strengths and weaknesses and different personalities. So what would happen if they combine there skills and talents, And came together as a team? They would make an even stronger, Even tougher team. They would learn different skills from each other, Like girls can learn how to be tougher and stronger and boys can learn to be more flexible and agile. It would also help support gender equality and stop gender stereotypes. And girls and boys could stop teasing each other because of what sport they play. They could stop viewing each other like strangers and build friendships, They would build up a better confidence level and understanding of how capable they actually are.

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  • Yes they should have mixed teams

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  • Girls can do anything boys can do!

    I am completely for girls and boys being on the same sports teams! Girls do all of these things that are harder than everyone thinks so they should get to do anything that boys get to do. Girls are definitely underestimated but they really shouldn't be. I think boys can do anything girls can do and girls can do anything boys can do!

  • Absolutely positibly yes

    I'm writing a essay on this and my answer is yes. Just because your stronger doesn't mean were weak. And if were on the same team we will have stronger friend ships and respect each others differences. You guys say that we could get hurt... You guys can get hurt too. And we don't get hurt more then boys. If you have noticed the yes side is winning so you better get use to it boys girls are coming in.:):):):):););););)

  • Girls should be allow to play with boys no madder what the sport is. Boys should not tell girl they can't play certain sports .

    Girls should be able to play sports with boys. Girls are tougher than boys think.We are also more competitive than people believe. Nobody should say boys can't play with girls and girls can't play with boys. It is just not fare, for boys and for girls.They should be allowed on same teams.

  • There should be one unisex on each team!!!

    There should be one unisex with each team sport.There is no reason girls should not be able to play football with boys, or boys be on a cheer leading squad there's nothing wrong you're not gay for cheer leading or girls play football don't mean they like girls. By caycay1321

  • They Could Be

    I believe there are a vast array of sports and each league has different rules and guidelines. Each of these leagues is like a business, so they are free to make their own decisions. I think in public school sports it would be fine to allow boys and girls to play on the same team.

  • Yes they should.

    Aside from some teams like tackle football I think it would be great if boys and girls could play on a team together. It would help to emphasize the point that there is nothing wrong with each gender playing different types of teams and being able to play together. It could be a good thing.

  • Boys and Girls Should be on the Same Teams

    Yes, boys and girls should be on the same teams so long as both genders are performing equally. One's gender should have no bearing on whether or not one should be allowed on a team. The only thing that should matter is performance. Thus, so long as performance is equal, boys and girls should be on the same teams.

  • It could lead to issues

    Even though I do not want to come off a little sexes here, I am not a fan of the idea of boys and girls being on the same sports teams. Boys are obviously much more competitive then the girls, at least with sports, and this could lead to physical injuries.

  • Boys and Girls are completely different.

    Males and Females are built differently physically, and they both have different mentalities. Males are much more confrontational than Females. Girls tend to be more lightly built than Boys, which will obviously lead to injuries. Girls have a much higher chance of getting concussions and broken necks because of their physical build. Mixing boys and girls can only lead to issues.

  • No. Athletes should play in the appropriate league.

    No. Athletes should play in leagues that exploit their respective talents. Boys and girls have talents that could be hindered by having them play in the same leagues on the same teams. I think that boys and girls alike will have better college scholarship opportunities by having separate leagues. It should not be a question of what is fair, but what is best for the youth.

  • Changing old rules

    If girl played on boys sport teams and divisions, the law would change so that boys are able to play on girls sport teams and divisions. Referees would have to change rule so the boys will no hurt the girls. This changes might take the fun out of the game.

  • No they shouldnt because they could get hurt

    They will get hurt and we guys are overly competitive and will probly hurt a girl and if we do then we would be really upset and we would probly be in really really big trouble so no i dont think that males and females should be on the same team

    Posted by: Lacy
  • They could have equal strengths

    Lets say you're playing basketball with boys and girls. On one team the girls are good in basketball while on the other team boys are good in the sport. Now the teams have equal strengths and they would play fair but as long as the number of boys and girls are equal.

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