Should boys and girls be separated on school buses?

  • Yes I think they should

    Yes because if there is a boy that likes a girl and the girl is sitting alone that boy will sit with the girl and the boy might try to do sexual harassment to the girl and no one want that to happen so the ones Thant so no you should think more about that.

  • Nope dope pope xd

    Let the boys be with boyz and let teh gurls b with gurls. Boys hang out with their own gender better than with gurls. NOW I WILL WASTE SPACE! :D BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! TEH END!

  • Yes, Boys and girls should be separated on school buses.

    I've never experienced from sitting on a bus filled with males and females, but my friend experienced it. She said she saw people getting bullied, which is a HUGE issue in schools around the globe. Boys and girls dont get along due to clothes, looks, culture, etc. Even though, like Rosa Parks stood up for, thats a different topic. This topic on the other hand, is caused by bullying. Girls and boys interact better with their own genders. So I think boys and girls should be seperated on school buses.

  • No True Effect on the Matter

    No matter if you separate boys from girls or even separate couples primarily only (as myself), My girlfriend sat next to me and refused to move due to gender discrimination, I was removed from the schoolbus and can no longer ride. They said this being me was somehow the problem because I didn't move when I was on the inside of the seat. What about the gay and lesbian couples huh? If boys and girls are seated separately for safety reasons then boys must be separated from boys and the same goes for girls. This whole separating scenario solves nothing and causes problem between couples for no good reasons. If somebody does in fact do something wrong then they deserve to be punished or seated separately from that person. Not everybody else needs to be punished. SOme free country huh? This must be put to a stop immediately.

  • Hell to the noo

    In all honesty its just a stupid idea i know for a fact boys and girls should be able to learn and hang out together and have interactions and when they say boys need to hang out with boys and girls with girls is just stupid girls should be able to hang out with boys

  • Segregation based on gender is no better than racial segregation

    Not every boy has feelings for every girl he sits next to and vice versa. There are such things as a platonic relationship. Although people of opposing genders do have differences, there are many ways they are similar as well; similarities aren't only present within the same gender. Separating children by gender won't even stop the "making out" issue-- ever heard of the LGBTQ community?

  • They should not be separated in school buses. Boys and girls can work together, and in the future they will have to work together.

    Be it resolved that boys and girls should not be separated in schools due to their genders. They can chat like everyone, and separating them is just like putting a wall between their friendship. One day when girls and boys grow up as men and women, they are still going to work together as a team. When they get used to working at school, they wouldn’t be so nervous when working later on life. In conclusion, boys and girls should not be separated into different schools nor different school buses.

  • This is Paranoia

    Most of this is just pure paranoia. You are freaking out about something that sometimes doesn't even happen! Just because a boy wants to sit with a girl, doesn't mean that they are going to make out. There is such a thing a plutonic relationship between people of the opposite genders.

  • They're kids, not dogs in heat.

    It's just one bus ride. If girls or boys want to sit with their own gender, they should make that decision themselves. Girls and boys don't necessarily behave better with their own gender, it's all dependent on the kid. Have you ever seen a boy and a girl throw fists at each other in school? No. It's usually two of the same gender going at it. Jeez just let kids be kids.

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  • Hell to the no

    This is stupid that someone would even think that girls and boys should be separated. We now live in a society where boys and girls are equal so why should they be separated on a school bus? It gives them chance to socialise and meet new people. It doesn't cause no harm boys and girls being together. Yeah they may be annoying but they're having fun so let them get on with it stupid people

  • This is segregation!

    Apparently this country is free, but not necessarily, some schools separate girls from boys on the busses, I find this ignorant and against our amendment rights. The Jackson County code of conduct clearly states students have all rights listed in the constitution, segregation is against the constitution, right? So students have the right to sit where ever they want on the bus.

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