• Yes I think they should

    I think they should get to choose a girl to sit next to work for the term at that class make them have that class for them to get used to each other and like and the boys could get asked out after a while and if they are going out sit next to a girl in every class now.

  • This is sort of a sexist question

    I think boys snd girls should beable to sit next to each other. I mean dont u just hate whenver other people think that something bad might happen to the girl(s) i mean in public. Like at school for example ya right. A boy or girl or a pre teen boy or girl would never. U know what at schoo.L i mean more than half of kids or pre teens dont even understand what s** is or if they do they dont how to any way what i hate the most is they always blame they boys for whatever flirty or s**ual thing happens.

  • We Will not be shy to the oopposite gender

    Sometime girls feel annoyed by some boys who talk non stop sitting beside them (the boys) but for me it's fun cuz if we (the girls) reply whatever the boys is talking about, he know we are also interested in the conversation so just have fun talking plus helping each other. Boys and girls also can be "best friends"

  • Boys and girls should sit by each other.

    There are several reasons why boys and girls should be able to sit by each other.Probably the most important reason is that boys and girls will encounter each other later in life and that they should learn how to cope with each others company at young age so there will not be problems later in life.

  • This is the most ridiculous debate topic

    OF COURSE THEY SHOULD SIT TOGETHER. It is not a distraction and if it is then there is a problem. Doesn't that also mean that people who like the same sex shouldn't sit with the same sex? Or what about people who like both genders? Should they sit alone because DISTRACTIONS?!!! Nah son, this shouldn't even be an issue

  • Why is this an issue?

    I have no idea why this would be an issue. "Sexual Tension Prevail"?? Are you kidding me? Being a guy in high school who sits by girls everyday doesn't give me nor my other guy friends any sexual tension towards any of the girls in my class. This argument is total bogus!

  • Yes they should.

    Yes they should because i myself have a lot of friends that are boys. Just because a girl sits by a boy doesn't mean that they like each other, that they are going out, or that they are going to do inappropriate stuff. We know how to act responsible so we can worry about ourselves.

  • Yes, they should

    Boys and girls siting together should not be a big issue in today's world..
    As siting together often helps you to control your words and remind you about what are you saying...
    And it also helps you to adjust in every new enviournment because in school ife it is possible that separate schools are there for girls as well as for boys but when you approach for job than it would be quite difficult for you to adjust there..

  • Yes they should

    Although mixing genders can be a distraction, it gives a practice especially females to stand their ground and not feel below males. (Not being sexist or anything) Both genders wouldn't be ignorant to see different povs of others especially when coming from a complete opposite gender. It's not the olden days when everyone is segregated, being together also helps establish a community of different mindsets and everyone can learn from them instead of sticking to one specific norm.

  • No that's too much

    I mean yeah the guy will get distracted, but it's the same ending different story in any case. Put him next to a dude and they'll make jokes the whole class. Put him next to a girl an he'll flirt all of class. Assuming that straight, of course, and if they're gay then just flip it around. Different stories same ending. Guys naturally find a way to get distracted. Girls also get distracted, but as I'm a guy I'm just going it give some facts about guys. It doesn't matter where you put us, if there is anyone else in the room we will get distracted. So the whole boy and girl segregation thing isn't going to work. Plus guys need to learn to grow up some time.

  • They should not because

    Boys may get off track and get inappropriate. And girls hate that. Some boys are just plain mean. And boys just don't like girls sometimes. And that makes girls feel bad because they think that they are stupid because the boy doesn't like the girl. Also boys can be not interacting because the boy has a crush on that girl.

  • Sexual tension prevail.

    It is not possible for a boy to sit next to a pretty girl without feeling some sexual attraction. In school this will lead to boys learning at a slower pace than girls do. The lack of focus on teaching will not only harm the boys' learning capabilities, but require teachers to spend more time on the boys, thus neglecting the girls. Lose/lose situation...

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