Should boys and girls sit next to each other in class?

  • They should be allowed to sit together

    Girls and boys shouldn't be separated every where. I have seen many schools that do this separating thing. The main reason why boys should be allowed to interact with girls more often is because if boys are separated from girls, later, they get shy to even look at girls in the eyes or to talk with them or hang out with them, in a sense, boys will think they aren't good enough to talk with girls and this should not be the case. I am saying this with my own experience in my school D.A.V in Nepal. So yeah just for the future also they should be allowed to interact with girls more often.

  • Good way to learn proper ways to interact with the opposite sex.

    I don't agree with the opinion that says students will 'check each other out' or flirt in class. Putting boys with girls is a great way to teach them not to do these things. It's better for students to make mistakes and be corrected in school rather than later in life, and the proper distance between individuals of opposite sexes is one of those things. As a side note, this kind of seating is more often than not a good way of separating friends, which means they'll talk less in class, i.e. less distractions. It's more likely for two boys to be homies than a boy and a girl to be a couple.

  • Yes, boys and girls should be intermingled in class.

    The only way for children to develop proper social behavior is to interact with other children. You cannot separate girls and boys in classes and then expect them to act socially acceptable when they finally come together. Also by keeping them separate you make it appear more sinful to be together. This makes hooking up more exciting.

  • Yes for primary school!

    In primary school, as a girl there was nothing worse than sitting next to boys in class. If the class didn't behave everyone would have to sit boy, girl, boy, girl. This meant that you couldn't sit next to your friends, but rather some icky boy! I feel that in primary school boys and girls should definitely be allowed to sit together in class, perhaps middle school too, highschool on the other hand would depend on the teacher and the school.

  • Boys should not be forced to sit next to girls.

    Boys and Girls should not be sited next to the opposite sex because, They get made fun of. For example their friends might say whoever they're stitting next to is their Girlfriend or Boyfriend. However, When children approach high school though, They become friends with both genders and it may work depending on the student you're talking about.

  • They Cannot Work Together

    Boys and girls are opposing genders, and besides that they will try to show off to each other and try to be cool, girls can connect better with other girls. Girls feel more comfortable with wit own gender, and it has been proved that girls are more open to admitting mistakes and fixing their work if it is their friend they are working with.

  • Its distracting to the students.

    The students may try checking each other out or flirting. The school environment should be a place for learning and learning ONLY. Students may not focus as more if they have someone of the opposite gender sitting next to them. They may try to act cool and show off by showing that they're too cool for school and oppose the teacher or not do their work.

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